Ho Chi Minh’s Stilt House

The Stilt House is where Uncle Ho, as local people refer to Ho Chi Minh, lived and worked. It is a historical location near his mausoleum. It was a place where countless historical decisions were made for Vietnam, making it a site of architectural, cultural, and political heritage.

President Ho Chi Minh lived and worked here from 1958 until he died in 1969. During that time, he frequently held Politburo meetings there and welcomed visitors. This attraction was recognized as a Special National Relic Site in 2009.

The house resembles the style of the traditional of the Tay – Thai ethnic stilt houses in Viet Bac, the northernmost region of Vietnam consisting of six provinces. Built in 1958, it is a small house but has is a pond where Ho Chi Minh often spent time relaxing. The house was described as “full of wind and light” and “clean and elegant” by the Vietnamese Prime Minister.

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