Fishing Village

The fishing village situated on the northern end of the Mui Ne strip will give you a glimpse of authentic local life. Directly from the main road, you can see the bay with many coracles, round fishing boats docked on a flat surface of the sea. On the shore, there are houses where fishermen live with their families. There are fishing nets and other equipment, bags of eels, other fish and squids that were fished out the night before and lots of dead sea creatures everywhere on the ground. Vietnamese women wearing conical hats sell seafood and a strong fishy aroma hangs in the air.

Early in the morning, you may observe fishermen coming back with their night catch. If you go to the harbor around sunset hours, you can see the sun reflecting on the sea’s flat surface contrasting nicely with the countless fishing boats. Late afternoon is also the best time if you want to try some cheap seafood grilled on the spot. A bit further away there’s a market where all necessities can be bought, but visiting it is more an experience to see the real life of village people rather than a tourist attraction. You can find all varieties of seafood, crabs, scallops, groupers, and stingrays there.

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