Fairy Stream

Fairy Stream is a 2-km shallow river flowing between red cliffs and a bamboo forest. Rock formations resemble small versions of Grand Canyon, contrasting with the greenery of the lush jungle on the other side. To get the most of this tranquil and peaceful experience, take your shoes off and walk barefoot. The water is hardly ever higher than your knees. Trees do not cover most parts of the route, so take a hat and use sunblock if you choose to get there on a sunny day. There’s a small fee of 15k VND and local kids will try to offer their service as tour guides for some additional tips. On the way, you can play in red mud, admire countless coconut palm trees and several distinct rock formations, and if you need a break, there are vendors selling drinks and snacks. You can sit on a wicker chair in the middle of the stream dipping your feet in the water while enjoying your cold drink. At the end of the stream, there’s a small waterfall you can use as a shower to cool yourself down on a hot day. Depending on your pace, plan at least an hour for this attraction.

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