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Con Dao

Con Dao, once known for its prison history, has transformed into a haven of natural beauty and tranquility. This archipelago offers pristine beaches, clear waters, and lush national parks, making it a perfect destination for eco-tourists and history enthusiasts.

Historical & Cultural Insights

Van Son Temple - Things To Do In Con Dao

Van Son Temple

Visit this serene temple overlooking the sea, offering peaceful moments of reflection.

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Phu Hai Prison - Things To Do In Con Dao

Phu Hai Prison

Gain insights into the harsh conditions prisoners endured at the largest island prison.

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Hang Duong Cemetery - Things To Do In Con Dao

Hang Duong Cemetery

Pay respects at the final resting place of Vietnam’s national heroes and martyrs.

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con dao island beaches8 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Con Dao Prison

Explore the remnants of this historic prison, a somber reminder of Vietnam’s struggle for independence.

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con dao museum - Things To Do In Con Dao

Con Dao Museum

Learn about the island’s poignant history, from its time as a penal colony to its role in the national liberation movement.

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Nature Lovers

Private Sea Kayaks Emperor Crusies 1024x576 1 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Kayaking in Con Dao

Paddle around the calm waters of Con Dao, exploring secluded beaches and mangrove forests.

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turtles lay their eggs on bay canh island 161 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Turtle Watching at Bay Canh Island

Experience the magic of watching sea turtles lay eggs on this protected island.

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dam trau beach - Things To Do In Con Dao

Dam Trau Beach

Enjoy the serene beauty of one of Con Dao’s most beautiful beaches, perfect for relaxation and swimming.

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con dao national park 1 1024x683 1 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Con Dao National Park

Trek through this protected area to discover endemic species and pristine natural landscapes.

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Leisure & Lifestyle

con dao island beaches11 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Sunset Watching

Find the perfect spot to watch the sunset, a daily spectacle that never ceases to amaze.

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restaurants in con dao - Things To Do In Con Dao

Con Dao Market

Discover local crafts and taste local specialties at the vibrant Con Dao market.

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ConDao The Secret ConDao - Things To Do In Con Dao

Relax at your Hotel

Choose from eco-friendly resorts to luxury accommodations.

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ConDao By The Market Restaurant - Things To Do In Con Dao

Dine Out

Sample fresh seafood and local delicacies at the best restaurants in Con Dao.

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Sense Spa 1 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Unwind at the Spa

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa day at one of Con Dao’s top wellness centers.

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Active & Creative Activities

con dao island 04 - Things To Do In Con Dao


Participate in conservation efforts and learn about the island’s unique ecosystem.

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family cooking - Things To Do In Con Dao

Cooking Classes

Learn to cook traditional Vietnamese dishes using fresh, local ingredients.

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jpg 1 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Cycling Around the Island

 Discover the island’s hidden corners and scenic spots on a bicycle.

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bay canh island - Things To Do In Con Dao

Hiking in Con Dao

Challenge yourself with a hike to the top of Con Dao’s hills for breathtaking views.

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Con Dao 4738 1648708510 8192 1 7061 5148 165672702 - Things To Do In Con Dao

Snorkeling and Diving

Explore the vibrant underwater world around Con Dao, home to diverse marine life and coral reefs.

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Discover More Things To Do

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Exploring Con Dao Island Beaches: A Guide to Vietnam’s Hidden Paradise

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FAQs: Things to do in Con Dao

Absolutely! Con Son is the largest island of the Con Dao archipelago, and it’s home to some of the nicest beaches in Vietnam. It also has Con Dao National Park and multiple historical sites like Phu Hai Prison and Hang Duong Cemetery. All that being said, Con Son has largely avoided the public eye and so is a more untouched hidden gem than most beach locales in Vietnam.

The best attractions in Con Dao are:

  • The island’s beaches, including An Hai Beach, Dam Trau Beach, and Dat Doc Beach.
  • Phu Hai Prison.
  • The Tiger Cages.
  • Hang Duong Cemetery.
  • Van Son Temple.
  • Con Dao National Park.
  • Small islands off of Con Son, such as Bay Canh Island and Tre Lon Island.

The best outdoor activities in Con Dao include snorkeling and diving to explore coral reefs, trekking in the Con Dao National Park, kayaking in the clear waters, and beach relaxation. Wildlife watching, especially the sea turtles, is also a highlight.

Some great ideas for day trips from Con Dao include:

  • Visiting a remote beach. Some of the best choices are Dam Trau Beach, Dat Doc Beach, or An Hai Beach.
  • Snorkeling at Bay Canh Island.
  • Exploring the historical sites of Con Son Island like Phu Hai Prison and Hang Duong Cemetery.
  • Joining a wildlife tour in Con Dao National Park.
  • Motorbiking to the remote West Side of the island and going on a long hike there.

For couples, the best tours in Con Dao Islands include private boat trips for snorkeling and sunset views, guided nature walks in Con Dao National Park, and historical tours exploring the island’s past. These experiences offer romance, adventure, and learning opportunities in a serene setting.