Things To Do In Con Dao

Top 10 Things To Do In Con Dao

beach in con dao - Things To Do In Con Dao
The stunning beaches

Anyone who comes to visit Con Dao Islands has to visit at least one beach. There are a plethora of beaches on Con Dao. There’s a beach to suit everyone. These are a few beaches to look out for:

Con Dao Destination - Things To Do In Con Dao
Con Dao National Park

You’ll find more wildlife than people here most of the time, except for national holidays. This is a hidden gem in Con Dao. The nature reserve is abundant with various flora and fauna that make up the plantation of the park. Con Dao National Park is one place you should visit while in Con Dao.

Van Son Temple - Things To Do In Con Dao
Van Son Temple

The temple is located amongst one the most spectacular views of Con Son Island. It’s a bit of a hike to get here. The views are worth it though. Take a bike along the coastal road, or walk here. You won’t regret the journey.

con dao museum
The Con Dao Museum

The Bao Tang Con Dao Museum helps to fill in the information gaps you might encounter when visiting the prisons and cemetery. The museum has over 2000 displays showing the history of the Con Dao Islands. It is free to visit and is worth a trip out. You can develop further knowledge about the mysterious and dark history of Con Son Island.

Hang Duong Cemetery - Things To Do In Con Dao
Hang Duong Cemetery

Memorials and mausoleums of well-known revolutionary fighters can be found at Hang Duong Cemetery. The cemetery was created as a place of remembrance shortly after Vietnam gained its independence. The mausoleum of Vo Thi Sau is a much-visited tomb. People come to pay respects to her 24 hours a day.

Tiger Cages Building - Things To Do In Con Dao
The Tiger Cages

This was where the most hated prisoners were kept. The tiger cages consist of a 5 square meter room. Sometimes, inmates shared the space. They were tortured and prodded with bamboo spikes. Prisoners were shackled and held under the most gruesome circumstances. At one time, over 2000 prisoners were kept in 120 Tiger Cages.

Phu Hai Prison - Things To Do In Con Dao
Phu Hai Prison

This is considered a place of hell by local residents during the time of operations. It is in stark contrast to the usual paradise seen on the islands. Phu Hai Prison has a dark past. The French built this to keep the opposing forces and revolutionaries at bay. Resources were cramped, with up to 200 prisoners being imprisoned within 1500 square meters.

Con Son Island
Con Son Island

Con Son is the largest island and has most of the best attractions. There are places of natural beauty and places where history and information about Con Dao are stored in abundance. This is the best place to stay in the Con Dao Islands. You can book accommodation to suit all budgets.

bay canh island - Things To Do In Con Dao
Bay Canh Island

Come and see the turtles on this picturesque little island. The boat stops arrives early morning. Bay Canh Island is home to the largest turtle population in the area. Turtles are homely creatures at heart. Any animal lover will know this will be where you see the turtles returning to lay their eggs. The best time to visit is during the breeding season, where you can see turtles on the beach early morning.

Tre Lon Island Con Dao
Tre Lon Island

You might need a pass to visit this Con Dao Island. Try to get a licensed boat trip that provides all the documents necessary for a hassle-free excursion. For those who want to snorkel and explore varieties of lush and delightful coral and shallow water sea life, this is the island for it. It has a unique local ecosystem. This is one of the Con Dao Island that is difficult to access.