Tu Hieu Pagoda

If you take a trip through the night to this location, around 5km away from the Hue Citadel, you’ll hear the chants begin at around 4.30 am. This Pagoda is close to a monastery of Buddhist Monks, who live their lives through Buddhism in its purest form. There’s no lunch available after midday and you’ll see a few residents either busy with their studies or attending to various chores. Trich Nhat Hanh, a notorious Buddhist is known for his beliefs regarding love and peace across the world, once studied here, in the 1940s. A few Buddhist Scholars come here to study.

Eunuchs were the first group to keep maintenance and restoration of the Pagoda after it was built in 1843. It was founded by a retired Royal Sangha who came to the forest regularly to find fresh food for his sick mother. This filial piety grew in strength and emboldened the monk to construct a temple dedicated to this struggle in life. The temple holds relics that are celebrated to the cause of filial piety. There is a resting place for the Eunuchs who assisted with this cause and passed away while working to achieve this goal. 

Tu Hieu Pagoda is surrounding by beautiful natural landscapes. It is one of the most beautiful pagodas in the Hue area. Locals come to pray for success in helping their parents. Visitors come to experience the blend of incredible architecture and peaceful pine green forest surrounding the area. This is a very tranquil area. Don’t expect too much noise or excitement here, but rather a time to reflect, and take each step in slow motion. 

Tu Hieu Pagoda is located in Thuy Xuan, Thanh Pho Hue, Thua Thien Hue. The Temples opening hours are 08:00-21:00. People can visit the forest at any time. 

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