Thien Hau Pagoda

This is one of the oldest Taoist Pagodas in the city, dating back as far as 1760. It is in the heart of China Town and is a place of worship for many locals in the area. The main attractions are the intricate carvings on the Pagoda ceilings showing stories and the iconic image of Mazu the seas goddess.

Thien Hau is a Vietnamese name which means the goddess of heaven. This is one of the qualities honored to Thien Hau, who is also known as the sea goddess Mazu. There is a big iconic statue on the main altar where people can show respect and make donations. Incense sticks can be lit and presented in places around the temple. 

A courtyard is a place where you can observe some wonderfully woven carvings of traditional stories of the legend Guan Yu and his battles. These carvings show stories linking the temple to the legends of deities throughout time. These stories are a unique part of this temple and worth taking a closer look at when visiting. 

Donations can be made to the temple. After each donation, the calligraphy artist will write your name in either Chinese, Vietnamese, or English. As a sign of respect, the caretakers of the temple will hang your name onto the temple walls. 

The temple can undergo maintenance from time to time, as parts are decaying due to age. Check to see if this place is open to the public before you plan a visit, as it is a little far from the usual tourist track.

Thien Hau Temple is located at 710D Nguyen Trai. District 5. Opening hours are 06:00-11:30 and 13:00-16:30. Please wear trousers. 

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