The Imperial Tomb of Tu Duc

This is a beautiful tomb positioned in an equally serene and attractive set of courtyards, pavilions and other constructions. To the right is an alluring lake which sets the scene of the tomb. Surrounding the tomb are places frequently used by Emperor Tu Duc while he enjoyed this place for his summer refuge. The tomb divides into two areas, one for tombstones and one for temples. Tu Duc used the area to court concubines and indulge in his pastimes such as poetry and meditation. Tu Duc taxed the people of Hue for the upkeep of these grounds and was therefore hated by more than a few locals. His remains were hidden in a secret spot in the tomb grounds, to prevent the locals from stealing his remains. Tu Duc Tomb is situated 6km from Hue and can be accessed by river or road. Opening hours are 7:00-11:30, 13:30-17:30. Tickets are 80k VND. 

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