Quan Cong Temple

This temple was built for the famous Chinese general, Quan Cong. The general Quang Cong is a revered figure throughout all East Asia. He is seen as a symbol of loyalty, sincerity, integrity and figure of justice. The temple was created to honour this legendary status. Founded in 1653, this temple is dedicated to Quan Cong and the characteristics associated with him. The colourful array of dragon murals, hand-painted calligraphy and symbolic lanterns hanging down look to portray the character of Guan Yu. The courtyard offers a range of East Asian conifer to admire. There is a statue dedicated to Quan Cong. It is made from papier mache and is slightly gilded. People come to pay respects and show gratitude with various offerings. As offerings are made, the caretaker will often ring the bronze bell or a bronze bowl to mark the notification. The Temple is located at 24 Tran Phu. Operating hours are 06.00-17.00. Times are subject to change due to low season or national holidays taking place.

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