Hoi An Night Market

With a variety of goods on offer for both locals and tourists, the Hoi An Night Market takes Hoi An back to its origins as a trading port and merchants’ town. People from all over Quang Nam province bring their goods and produce to this market. It’s worth a visit just to look around at the diverse range of items sold here. This is the place to try local food and delicacies. Good examples are the Cao Lau noodles, a chewy noodle variety that is made specifically in Hoi An. Also, there are Quang Noodles. These are made from rice powder and topped with meat, fish or veg and local spices. A popular market snack is Banh Xeo. This is a local pancake stuffed with fresh vegetables and meat. As you’d see in most markets, there is a range of goods to be bought here. You can pick up all kinds of items that you may have lost or broken during your travel. Speciality products are worth a look around for, such as local silk products and hand-crafted lanterns. This is a good place to bargain for souvenirs. As Hoi An is a textile-based town, you can find all kinds of clothing here. For those who want something unique to Hoi An, you can find traditionally made Ao Dai and other items at various stalls in the market. It’s quite cheap, for those who barter for a good price. The market is open most evenings and gets busier during certain periods. Weekends are usually very busy as Hoi An is packed with local visitors. The weekdays can be quiet, with fewer stalls operating during the evening. The full moon offers a monthly celebration at the market. During this event, the roads are pedestrianized. There are lots of merchants who come from different parts of the country during this time. You’ll see live music, dance and theatre street performances taking places around the market area. The Night Market is located on Nguyen Hoang, between 16.30-22.00. Be mindful to keep your belongings safe, as the market can become quite crowded and street theft can occur.

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