Bau Tro Lake

Discover Bau Tro lake, a serene freshwater oasis nestled between sand dunes and Nhat Le beach, serving as an essential water source for Dong Hoi city. It’s not just a picturesque landscape but also an archaeological site, revealing traces of Vietnam’s ancient past.

Standing atop a sandy hill in Hai Thanh ward, you’ll witness the mesmerizing proximity of the sea and the lake, almost merging during rough seas. Yet, the lake’s water remains remarkably fresh, sourced from sandy springs, making it perfect for laundry. It’s the city’s sole source of freshwater, vital for residents who’ve long contended with saltwater contamination.

Encircling the lake are vibrant casuarina trees that have attracted a resurgence of birdlife in recent years, providing a tranquil escape for visitors. In summer, when the water level recedes, the lake resembles a colossal footprint, shrouded in legends of unfathomable depths. Stories abound of objects cast into the lake emerging in distant places, emphasizing its enduring abundance even in scorching summers. Come and experience the timeless allure of Bau Tro for yourself.

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