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Last Updated: March 4, 2024

Do Chinese need a visa for Vietnam?

Yes, Chinese citizens require a visa to enter Vietnam. There are no exemptions allowing entry into Vietnam without prior visa arrangements for Chinese nationals.

Vietnam Visa for Chinese
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What types of Vietnam visas are available to Chinese?

Vietnam offers various visa types to accommodate the different purposes and durations of stay for Chinese citizens. Here’s an overview in a tabular format:

Visa TypePurposeDuration(s)
E-visaTourism, quick business1 month, 3 months
Visa on arrivalTourism, quick business1 month, 3 months
Business visaBusinessUp to 5 years with TRC
Student visaStudyDepends on course duration

How much is a Vietnam visa for Chinese?

The price for acquiring a Vietnam visa for Chinese citizens differs depending on the visa category and the duration it takes to process. A single-entry e-Visa, when applied for via Vietnam’s official e-Visa website, costs $25 USD, equivalent to approximately 180 Chinese Yuan. A comprehensive breakdown of e-Visa costs, including options for extended durations and multiple entries, can be found in the table below.

One MonthSingle-Entry180 CNY
One MonthMultiple-Entry360 CNY
Three MonthsSingle-Entry180 CNY
Three MonthsMultiple-Entry360 CNY

Additionally, working with a Vietnamese visa agent who can manage the application process or secure a letter for a visa on arrival is an option. This service typically incurs additional costs above the standard e-Visa charge for the added convenience, though the price may vary from agent to agent.

What are the requirements to get a Vietnam visa for Chinese?

Prior to submitting a visa application, ensure you have:

  • A Chinese passport valid for a minimum of six months beyond your intended entry date.
  • A passport with at least two blank pages.

For an e-visa:

  • Fill out the application form available on the Vietnam immigration official website.
  • Have a passport photograph and a digital copy of your passport’s information page saved on your computer.
  • A Visa or Mastercard ready with sufficient funds to cover the online payment fee.

For a visa on arrival:

  • Secure a VOA approval letter either from a Vietnamese consulate or through a visa service provider.
  • Prepare the visa payment in USD.
  • Bring along two passport-sized photographs.

How to get a Vietnam visa for Chinese: a step-by-step process

Step 1. Determine the Right Visa Type: Choose the appropriate visa based on your travel purpose.

Step 2. Prepare Required Documents: Gather all necessary documentation.

Step 3. Apply for the Visa:

  • For an e-Visa, apply online via the official Vietnam Immigration website.
  • For other visa types, apply at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate in China, or through a reputable visa agent.

Step 4. Pay the Visa Fee: Complete the payment as instructed during the application process.

Step 5. Receive Your Visa: After processing is complete, download your visa if you applied for an e-Visa. If you applied for VOA, pick up the visa at one of the six Vietnam embassies in China listed in the table below.

Shanghai3F, Huachen Financial Mansion. No 900, Pudong Ave, Shanghai
Nanning10th Floor, Diwang International Chamber Of Commerce Tower, No 59 Jinhu Road, Nanning City, Guangxi, Prc.
KunmingNo. 507, Hongta Mansion. 1 No. 155 Beijing Road, Kunming, China
Hong Kong15/F, Great Smart Tower, 230 Wan Chai Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
GuangzhouSuite P01, 4th floor, Garden Tower, Garden Hotel, 368 Hoanshi Dong Rd., Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 510064, Guangdong, P.R Of China.
BeijingNo 32 Guanghua Rd, Chaoyang Dist, Beijing, China

How long does it take to get a Vietnam visa for Chinese?

  • E-Visa: Typically processed within 3 business days.
  • Embassy Application: May take 5-7 business days, depending on the type of visa and processing time selected.

Note: Processing times exclude weekends and Vietnamese public holidays. Plan your application accordingly.

Insider tips on getting a Vietnam visa for Chinese

  • Apply for your visa well in advance to avoid any potential delays, especially during peak travel seasons.
  • Double-check all your documents for accuracy to ensure a smooth application process.
  • Consider using a visa service or agent for added convenience, particularly if applying for a visa on arrival.

Yes, but Vietnam’s visa on arrival requires pre-approval. Talk to a Vietnamese visa agent before you go about obtaining a VOA letter.

Yes, expedited visa services are available. You’ll need to talk to a Vietnamese visa agent and ask about their services to get one, though. In fact, an agent can help you acquire a visa up to a few hours in advance of your flight.

Unfortunately, Chinese nationals (along with most other ethnicities) are currently unable to stay in Vietnam for any length of time without a visa.

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