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Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Booking a flight to Vietnam from Canada can seem quite daunting, especially if it’s your first time planning such a trip. Given the considerable distance across the Pacific, the journey will typically take at least 14 hours, sometimes more depending on the specific flight path chosen. Fortunately, Canadian travelers have several good options for flights to Vietnam, and this guide aims to simplify the selection process.

Choosing Your Airline

Deciding on an airline is the first step in planning your trip to Vietnam. Canada is served by several major airlines that offer a range of routes and experiences for travelers heading to Vietnam. Below is an overview of Canada-based airlines that fly to Vietnam, assessed on service quality and pricing:

Air Canada

Service: ***
Price: $$$
Notable Features: Wide network with global reach; excellent in-flight service; comprehensive frequent flyer program


Service: **
Price: $$
Notable Features: Good for domestic connections; partnered with international airlines for extended reach

Air Transat

Service: **
Price: $$
Notable Features: Offers seasonal direct flights to Southeast Asia; competitive pricing; good in-flight comfort

Don’t overlook airlines based outside of Canada, as they often provide excellent service and are equipped with English-speaking staff. Top recommendations for international airlines flying from Canada to Vietnam include:

Qatar Airways

Service: ***
Price: $$$
Notable Features: State-of-the-art entertainment, superior comfort; extensive network

Cathay Pacific

Service: ***
Price: $$$
Notable Features: Excellent service; robust in-flight entertainment; comfortable seating

Vietnam Airlines

Service: **
Price: $$
Notable Features: Direct routes to major cities in Vietnam; friendly staff
Flight to Vietnam from Canada
Air Canada is flying above the sky. Photo by John McArthur

Flight Aggregators

To easily find the very best deals on flights to Vietnam from Canada, consider using flight aggregators. These platforms often provide more competitive rates than booking directly through an airline. Preferred options for flights originating in Canada include:

Canada to Vietnam Flight Time and Distance

The travel time and distance from Canada to Vietnam vary significantly based on your departure city and chosen route, with flights typically taking at least 14 hours, excluding layovers. The table below shows total flight times from major Canadian cities including layovers. It also shows the distance in kilometers between the two cities. Note that there are no direct flights from Canadian cities to Vietnam.

City One LayoverTwo LayoversDistance to Hanoi (km)
Toronto 20-24 hours22-30 hours~12,300
Vancouver 15-20 hours18-26 hours~10,500
Winnipeg20-25 hours22-32 hours~11,800
Halifax 21-26 hours 2344 hours ~12,80021-26 hours23-34 hours~12,800

Common Layovers

Flights from Canada to Vietnam frequently include a layover, often in global hub airports renowned for their facilities. The table below details several popular layover airports for Canada-Vietnam routes and lists several prominent draws of each one that may keep you entertained while you wait.

Layover AirportNotable FeaturesFree Sleeping Area
Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)SkyCity Nine Eagles Golf Course, IMAX Theatre, extensive shopping and dining options, art and culture exhibitions.Yes, but limited. Lounges available for sleeping, some free areas in terminals.
Incheon International Airport, Seoul (ICN)Cultural exhibitions, traditional Korean performances, ice skatigg rink, indoor gardens, observation deck.Yes, free resting zones and reclining lounge chairs.
Narita International Airport, Tokyo (NRT)Traditional Japanese gardens, observation decks, sushi bars, free WiFi, shower rooms.Yes, designated rest areas with reclining chairs; sleeping lounges available for a fee.
Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)Butterfly garden, rooftop pool, cinema, indoor waterfall, themed gardens, free Singapore tour for layovers over 5.5 hours.Yes, multiple rest zones with comfortable seating and some reclining chairs.
Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris (CDG)Art exhibitions, luxury shopping, gourmet dining, relaxation areas, free showers.Limited free areas; lounges with more comfortable sleeping options may require access fees.
Flight to Vietnam from Canada
Hongkong International Airport. Photo by Jimmy Gu

Additional Resources

To further assist with your travel plans, consider exploring Vietnam is Awesome’s other essential pre-trip travel guides, including:

Expect around 20-24 hours with one layover, and potentially longer with two layovers.

Booking in advance for economy class tickets during off-peak seasons can yield prices as low as CAD 700-900 for a round trip. Prices increase during peak travel periods and for premium seating options.

Currently, there are no direct flights from Canada to Vietnam. Travelers must choose routes with at least one layover, usually in Asia if flying over the Pacific or Europe if flying over the Atlantic.

Vietnam’s major international airports, such as Noi Bai (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat (Ho Chi Minh City), regularly service flights from Canada.

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