10 Kid Friendly Cafes & Restaurants Ho Chi Minh For Your Family Trips

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Last Updated: November 15, 2023

Taking your little ones out to a meal need should be fun for everyone involved! Luckily Ho Chi Minh City has a fair number of family-friendly restaurants and kids cafes where everyone can be happy and well-fed.

Best Kids Cafes in District 2

District 2, particularly the Thao Dien neighbourhood, is home to plenty of schools and international families. Parents looking to mingle with other parents while their kids play, have plenty of options!

1. Snap Cafe – Great outdoor playground

Snap Cafe In Ho Chi Minh City

Snap Cafe is the go to kids cafe in Ho Chi Minh City. Opened since 2008, it has an impressive menu that consists of Vietnamese classics, Mexican cuisine, salads, and children’s favourites like burgers and fries. While free to play at, given that Snap Cafe is primarily a restaurant business, support them by buying some food or drink.

Its little courtyard is a wonderful place of discovery, with 12 exquisite boutiques, a great place for parents to browse while their little ones enjoy playing in the play area with a large sand pit and climbing ropes. Note that all tables and the entire play area is outdoors, so ensure your children are well hydrated and have sunblock on. Best part? Vintage-style yummy ice cream is available for both kids and adults.

Snap Cafe often hosts quizzes, games, and other art and craft actives. Keep an eye out for their Facebook page to sign up your older kids for them!


  • Address: 32 Tran Ngoc Dien, Thao Dien, D2, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: Snap Cafe 

2. La Rosa Bistro – Beautiful cafe with a play area

La Rose Bistro saigon - 10 Kid Friendly Cafes & Restaurants Ho Chi Minh For Your Family Trips
La Rose Bistro Saigon

La Rose Bistro is a premium kids cafe in Saigon, beautifully decorated with flowers and high quality furnishings. The coffee shop on the main floor is filled with with soft and comfortable turquoise armchairs and wooden tables, it feels like you are in a house with an inviting living room – perfect for a tea break.

The kids play area is similarly prettily designed, with a slide into a huge ball pit area, a play house and other fun toys – great for making friends. Built for younger kids, they will enjoy themselves immensely while parents drink and eat nearby.


  • Address: 74-76-78, Street 6, Thao Dien Ward, D2, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: La Rosa Bistro

3. BAMA Kids Cafe- Baby-friendly

bama kids cafe in ho chi minh to play for toddler - 10 Kid Friendly Cafes & Restaurants Ho Chi Minh For Your Family Trips
BAMA Kids Cafe

BAMA Kids cafe is a brightly-lit spacious activity centre well suited for both babies and young kids alike. The entire place is catered to be family-friendly, with cafe tables situated on the side of the space as the key areas are focussed being a play area. There is a soft play area designed specifically for babies, while toddlers and older children can play with the kids’ workbench, dress-up with customer, activity tables, and more!


  • Address: 41 Street 41, Thao Dien Ward, D2, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: BAMA Kids Cafe
  • Children are charged per hour (85,000 VND) and adults must order from the restaurant.

4. Kids Cafe Lilliput – Bright and clean spot

lilliput kids cafe - 10 Kid Friendly Cafes & Restaurants Ho Chi Minh For Your Family Trips
Kids Cafe Lilliput Ho Chi Minh

Lilliput Vietnam is a franchisee of children cafes from Korea, known for being cosy, very clean, and both baby and child-friendly.

It is a large space, decorated in a youthful, dreamy palette of colours with gold accents, you will be tempted to take photos of your family day out here! Located on the ground floor of The Vista An Phu, there is a ball pit, an inflatable castle, a large play kitchen, a dress up counter, and even a child ‘spa’.

Despite its focus on young ones, there is good food to be enjoyed as well. Seating is limited and it gets busy, so do book a spot in advance.


  • Address: G floor, The Oxygen Mall, 628C Ha Noi Highway, An Phu ward, D2, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: Kids Cafe Lilliput

Great Kids Cafes in District 7

With many good schools, shopping malls, and large green spaces around, D7 is popular with both Vietnamese and expat families. If you are wondering where to have Sunday brunch while chilling with the little ones, here’s the list for you.

5. Dodam Premium Kids Cafe – Many fun activities

Dodam Premium Kids Cafe Ho Chi Minh

Dodam is a huge space and the answer to parents looking for somewhere out of the Saigon heat for their young ones to run about.

There is a large and wide slide with bright lights projected onto it, jump on into a family-friendly good time! Imaginative activities include ‘fishing’, where little plastic fish toys can be scooped up. Slightly older kids will love the larger trampoline as well as the dress-up/make-up station.


  • Address: 802 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Tân Phú, D7, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: Dodam Premium Kids Cafe
  • Dodam services include a private room available for bookings for parties and celebrations

6. Noriter Mom and Kids Cafe – Mini pool

foody mobile c2 jpg 541 636039164618120001 - 10 Kid Friendly Cafes & Restaurants Ho Chi Minh For Your Family Trips
Noriter Mom and Kids Cafe Ho Chi Minh

Noriter is a Korean chain of children cafes that has arrived in Saigon! A mini world of adventure for little children, it is packed with storybooks and toys. There is a little sand pit area that’s ideal for your baby to shuffle about in, and a large trampoline for the adventurous older kids.

The special thing about Noriter is that they have a tiny pool! The pool area is filled with inflatables and other toys. Two staff members are on hand to watch over the kiddos taking a bath.


  • Address: Happy Valley L003, D7, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook:  Noriter Mom and Kids Cafe
  • Be sure to book in advance for some baby and parent time.

7. Child Haven – Child care center and cafe

Child Haven sits across the pond from Crescent Mall, and is a beautifully converted villa in the Phu My Hung area of D7.

The outdoor playground features a lovely wooden play house with a slide that goes into the sandpit. There is also a tiny pool, and little scooters for playing with. The usage for children is charged by the hour. For parents who need it, Child Haven also operates as a day care centre with hour, day, and month rates.

Parents will enjoy the menu, there is good coffee and drinks to be had. Overall, a chill place for both baby and parent.


  • Address: Đường N – Nam, Tân Phú, D7, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: Child Haven

Other Family-Friendly Restaurants in the City

Of course there are adventures to be had outside of districts 2 and 7. With the family in tow, check out these spots in Saigon!

8. Les Petits Cafe – Dress up

185409082 1445212102479232 6413200971598261872 n 650x400 1 - 10 Kid Friendly Cafes & Restaurants Ho Chi Minh For Your Family Trips
Les Petits Cafe Ho Chi Minh

Tucked away in Ho Chi Minh City’s D10, Les Petits Cafe is a rare find! One of the few cafes in the area that is family-friendly.

The first floor is dedicated to the cafe for parents to enjoy coffee, snacks and cakes while the children play upstairs. The second floor is where the playground is at. Here, your baby can play safely in the ball house. Older ones can use the trampoline, the car racing area, LEGO station, or simply read storybooks. There is also a doll care area as well as a smart building area for the imaginative kids. The third floor is for dressing up! Kids will find outfits and tools to become doctors, police, chefs, royalty, superheroes, and so on.


  • Address: 18LK6 Đường Số 7, Hà Đô Centrosa, 118 Đường 3/2, Phường 12, Quận 10, Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh
  • Facebook: Les Petits Cafe

9. Premium Kids Cafe – Top-class entertainment

pab3 b91d56800d6e41baabbf95df4f1531a5 941f4cc7f40b40d2b3e2f4a60632c3f7 master - 10 Kid Friendly Cafes & Restaurants Ho Chi Minh For Your Family Trips
Peekaboo Premium Kids Cafe Ho Chi Minh

Peekaboo is know for it’s high safety and cleanliness standards, imported from Korea to Saigon. It is a premium entertainment space for the whole family – ideal for spending Sunday out with the kids.

The entire space is designed with safety in mind. Quality childcare staff are on the watch at all times, looking out for your baby. Cameras are placed everywhere, and parents can watch their children through the videos.

Kids will find it easy to make friends here with so many activities to do, ranging from a huge trampolining area to virtual reality interactive technology.


  • Address: GR1A, Block Ruby, 92 Đ. Nguyễn Hữu Cảnh, Saigon Pearl, Binh Thanh, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: Peekaboo Premium Kids Cafe

10. Au Parc – Restaurant with play zone

AU Parc Cafe & Restaurant Ho Chi Minh

Not technically a kids cafe in the same sense as the other establishments on the list, Au Parc is just a lovely family restaurant with a small area for children to play in.

If you are out and about the central districts of Saigon, Au Parc offers the perfect spot to take a break and have a meal. Serving Mediterranean and Vietnamese food, parents will have no complains about the menu. There is a small room on the third floor for toddlers to play.


  • Address: 23 Hàn Thuyên, Bến Nghé, D1, HCMC, Vietnam
  • Facebook: Au Parc

Family Day Out

Family time is always valuable time spent. We hope you find your regular kids cafe spot from our list above and explore other venues where the little ones can socialise and enjoy themselves safely.

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