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Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Organizing a trip from New Zealand to Vietnam might seem overwhelming initially, given the distance and cultural differences. However, the flight duration is relatively manageable. This guide aims to simplify your travel planning by covering airlines from New Zealand that offer flights to Vietnam, comparing their services, costs, and key advantages.

Airlines Offering Service to Vietnam

Many New Zealanders prefer to go with the tried-and-true Air New Zealand to make their pilgrimage to Vietnam. Air New Zealand offers connecting flights to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam’s largest airports. Of course, the service on Air New Zealand is unparalleled.

That being said, don’t be afraid to book with foreign airlines. Many of them offer excellent service as well and their crews speak English fluently. A few of our top picks include:

Singapore Airlines

Service: ***
Price: $$$
Notable Features: Exceptional service, wide network, Singapore layover

Cathay Pacific

Service: ***
Price: $$$
Notable Features: Premium service, Hong Kong layover, extensive in-flight entertainment

Vietnam Airlines

Service: **
Price: $$
Notable Features: Direct routes to major cities in Vietnam, friendly staff

Flight Aggregators

To find the best deals on flights to Vietnam, consider using flight aggregators. These platforms compare prices across different airlines, helping you secure the most affordable tickets. Popular choices for New Zealanders include:

New Zealand to Vietnam Flight Time and Distance

The flight time from New Zealand to Vietnam can vary significantly depending on the route and the number of layovers. Generally, expect the 9,000-10,000km journey to take approximately 11 to 14 hours if a direct flight is available. However, including layovers, travel time can extend to over 20 hours.

The table below shows a more specific flight time and distance between several major cities in New Zealand and the closest major international airport in Vietnam. The flight times shown assume 1 layover is included in the flight.

New Zealand CityFlight Time (1 Layover)Distance (km)
Auckland14-18 hr9080
Christchurch15-19 hr9400
Wellington16-20 hr9230

If you’re lucky enough to find a direct flight to Vietnam from New Zealand, subtract 3 hours from the flight times in this table.

Common Layovers

Almost all flights from New Zealand to Vietnam include a layover in between the two countries. The table below lists several of the most common layover locations along the New Zealand-Vietnam route and several notable features at each airport that you can busy yourself with during the wait.

Layover AirportNotable FeaturesFree Sleeping Area
Singapore Changi Airport (SIN)Butterfly garden, kinetic rain sculptures, free cinema, swimming pool, Jewel Changi with the Rain Vortex.Yes, rest areas and lounges available. some with recliners or dedicated sleep zones.
Hong Kong International Airport (HKG)IMAX Theatre, Avatior iscovery Centre, art and cultural exhibitions, extensive shopping and dining options.Limited, some seating areas can be used for rest, but not specifically designed for sleeping.
Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KUL)Jungle Boardwalk in Satellite Terminal, free KLIA Ekspres ride between terminals, nap zones, observation deck.Yes, rest zones available with reclining chairs. Nap zones and paid sleeping pods are also available.
Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (SYD)Free showers, open-air observation deck, various art installations and exhibitions, wide range of shops and eateries.Limited, some areas have comfortable seating that can be used for short rests, no designated free sleeping areas.
Brisbane Airport (BNE)Free unlimited WiFi, outdoor terrace, various art installations, a wide selection of dining and shopping options.Limited, some seating areas might be suitable for resting, no specific free sleeping zones.

Additional Resources

Before you book your flight, consider exploring more about Vietnam:

Direct flights from Auckland to Vietnam are uncommon, but they take about 11 hours. More realistically, expect travel times including a layover to range from approximately 14 to over 20 hours, depending on the layover duration and location.

Tickets can be as cheap as 750 NZD, although prices can be a lot higher if you plan to travel on a premium airline, during a peak tourism season, or in an upgraded flight class.

Vietnam’s major airports like Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) are accessible from New Zealand, typically with one or more layovers.

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