Privacy Policy

Effective Date: January 01, 2021

This policy explains what information are collected when you use Vietnam Is Awesome’s sites, services, its products and contents (“Services”). It also has information about how we store, use, transfer and delete that information.

Information We Collect & How We Use It

In order to give you the best possible experience using our website, we collect information from your interactions with our network. Some of this information are provided by you (such as email address, which we use to track your account). Other information, we collect based on the actions you take while using the website, such as what pages you access and your interactions with our product features (like highlights, likes and shares). This information includes records of those interactions, your IP address, information about your device and referral information.

We use this information to:

  • provide, test, improve, promote and personalize Vietnam Is Awesome services
  • fight spam and other forms of abuse

When an account is created with Vietnam Is Awesome’s website, and authenticate with a third-party services (such as Facebook and Google), we may collect, store and update information associated with that account such as your list of friends. This information is not to be published without your permission.

Information Disclosure

Vietnam Is Awesome may share your account information with third parties in some circumstances: (1) with your consent; (2) to a service provider or partner who meets our data protection standards; (3) with academic or non-profit researchers; (4) when we have a good faith belief it is required by law, such as pursuant to a subpoena or other legal process; (5) when we have a good faith belief that doing so will help prevent imminent harm to someone.

Data Storage

Vietnam Is Awesome uses third-party vendors and hosting partners, for hardware, software, networking, storage, and related technology we need to run the website. By using our services, you authorize Vietnam Is Awesome to transfer, store, and use your information in the Vietnam and any other country where we operate.

Third-Party Embeds

Some of the contents you see displayed on Vietnam Is Awesome is not hosted by Vietnam Is Awesome. These “embeds” are hosted by third parties and embedded on our website. For example: Youtube/Vimeo videos, Imgur/Giphy gifs, Soundcloud/Spotify audio files, Twitter tweets, Scribd documents that appear within Vietnam Is Awesome’s post. These files send data to the hosted sites just as if you were visiting that site directly. Vietnam Is Awesome does not control what data third parties collect in cases like this, or what they will do with that data. Therefore, third-party embeds on Vietnam Is Awesome are not covered by this privacy policy. They are covered by the privacy policy of the third-party service.

Some embeds will ask for your personal information, such as your email address through a form. We are not aware about what they will do with this information. As mentioned before, their actions are not covered by our Privacy Policy. Therefore, we suggest that you do not submit your personal information to any third-party through an embedded form.

Tracking & Cookies

We use browser cookies and similar technologies to recognize you when you return to our Services. We use them in various ways, for example to log you in, remember your preferences evaluate email effectiveness, and personalize content and other information.

Vietnam Is Awesome doesn’t track you across the Internet. We track only your interactions within Vietnam Is Awesome’s network.

Modifying or Deleting Your Personal Information

If you have a Vietnam Is Awesome’s account, you can access, modify or export your personal information on your profile.

To ensure we can protect your information from accidental or malicious destruction, we may maintain residual copies of your data for a period. If you choose to delete your account, your information and contents will be unrecoverable after that time.

How to request deletion of your data

If you login to our website via your Facebook account, Vietnam Is Awesome does not store your personal data; it is used only for login. According to the Facebook Platform rules, we have to provide User Data Deletion Callback URL or Data Deletion Instructions URL. If you want to delete your activities for Vietnam Is Awesome, following these instructions:

  1. Go to Your Facebook Account’s Setting & Privacy. Click “Setting”.
  2. Then, go to “Apps and Websites” and you will see all of your Apps activities.
  3. Select the option box for Vietnam Is Awesome
  4. Click “Remove” button.

If you want to delete your account and remove your profile data on our website, please contact us at support[at]

Data Security

We use encryption to protect data transmitted to and from our site. However, no data transmission over the Internet is 100% secure, so we can’t guarantee security. You use the Service at your own risk, and you’re responsible for taking reasonable measures to secure your account.

Changes to this Policy

Vietnam Is Awesome may periodically update this Policy. We’ll notify you about significant changes to it. The most current version of the policy will always be on the website and we will archive former versions of the policy.

Data Protection Statement for Vietnam Is Awesome’s Users

Description of Processing Activity

Vietnam Is Awesome collects and stores personal information about its users to customize their reading experience and enable personalized distribution of content.

Purposes of Processing

  • provide customized reading experience
  • publish and distribute user-generated content
  • provide, test and improve the services
  • gather usage statistics
  • fight spam, fraud and other abuse of services

Legal Bases

In order to provide the services, Vietnam Is Awesome collects and stores personal data about its users on the legal basis of consent given when you create an account and agree to its Privacy Policy.

Vietnam Is Awesome also pursues its interests by collecting data of logged out users to provide the services, as outlined above.

Categories of Personal Data Collected

Logged out users

  • Reading history
  • IP address
  • Browser information

Logged in users:

  • Username
  • Display name
  • Display image
  • Bio
  • Email address (non-public)
  • Session activity (security)
  • Linked social media accounts
  • IP address
  • Browser information
  • Reading history (on Vietnam Is Awesome’s network only)
  • Network interactions (recommends, follows, etc.)
  • Posts, responses, or series published by user


  • History
Existence of Automated Decision-making

Vietnam Is Awesome collects and stores personal data about its users to customize reading. This includes automated decision-making to promote content tailored to the preferences and interests indicated by the user, and to their browsing history and network interactions.

Vietnam Is Awesome also filters content for the purposes of fighting and preventing spam, fraud, and other forms of abuse.

Potential Consequences of Processing

When an account is created on Vietnam Is Awesome, users may make personal data about themselves public and may be accessible to others on their profile and other network interactions.

Due to the public nature of information posted to the website, it may be possible for third parties to derive identifying personal data from posts, whether by reading, supplemental research or automated analysis.

Users are free to use their real name and information, or a pseudonym of their choosing, for their account. Users may also choose to use the service without posting data or engaging in network interactions.

Cross-border Transfers

Vietnam Is Awesome is hosted in Vietnam. By using our Services, you authorize Vietnam Is Awesome to transfer, store, and use your information in Vietnam and any other country where we operate. Where your data is disclosed to our processors, it is subject by contract to at least the same level of data protection as that set out in this statement.


Vietnam Is Awesome retains your data associated with your account on the lifetime of your account. If you choose to delete your personal information, you can do this at any time. Your profile will be unrecoverable after some time.