Vietnam Is Awesome Spotlights Extraordinary Journey of Real-Life Hero Jimmy Pham, Founder of KOTO, as KOTO’s Most Recent Graduation Marks 1,500 Lives Changed

Vietnam Is Awesome, a prominent platform uplifting the tourism industry in Vietnam, brings an awe-inspiring tale of courage and compassion to the forefront. The spotlight falls on Jimmy Pham, a real-life hero and the unstoppable force behind KOTO (Know One Teach One). In an exclusive feature, Vietnam Is Awesome delves into the remarkable journey of a man who transformed the lives of vulnerable youth and continues to be a beacon of hope for countless more.

More than two decades ago, an act of kindness towards street children sparked the birth of Vietnam’s first Social Enterprise. Despite facing skepticism, Pham’s vision of rescuing these children and providing them with training and employment in the restaurant industry became a reality. Today, Pham has expanded KOTO’s mission to empower women from poverty, ethnic minorities, and victims of trafficking. Additionally, KOTO has joined the global fight against climate change. Jimmy’s inspiring journey to establish KOTO through the power of education – or, as he puts it, “teaching them how to fish” is a captivating story worth knowing. As KOTO has officially reached 1,500 successful graduates, Vietnam is Awesome highlights this incredible story and encourages readers to visit KOTO Van Mieu in Hanoi and support the cause.

Vietnam Is Awesome proudly stands beside Jimmy Pham and KOTO, inviting its readers to join forces and support KOTO’s mission of transforming adversity into opportunity and uplifting lives. To read the full article, visit here.

Read the article to discover Jimmy Pham’s heartfelt story:

  • From War-Torn Roots to Empowering Futures: Jimmy Pham’s life story reads like an adventure novel. 
  • Jimmy’s experience as a third culture Vietnamese – Korean – Australian kid.
  • Bitter Sweet Nostalgia of Vietnam in 1996 – setting the scene to understand Jimmy’s inspiration to found KOTO. 
  • The evolution of a humble sandwich shop in Hanoi into Vietnam’s first Social Enterprise.
  • Pham raised funding from 6 embassies to open Vietnam’s first vocational training center.
  • KOTO Van Mieu Restaurant is open, serving fresh and fragrant Vietnamese Cuisine – and employing over 90% of its staff from KOTO’s alumni network – embodying the “know one, teach one” philosophy.
  • KOTO’s partnership with Vietharvest to combat food waste in Vietnam.