Travel with Vietnam Is Awesome to Help VinaCapital Foundation Save Lives

The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) is proud to announce the partnership with Vietnam Is Awesome with the goal of raising awareness in the global community of the needs of disadvantaged children and women in Vietnam and to create a “call for action”.

Vietnam Is Awesome is the FIRST local community and travel booking platform partnering with VCF to engage international and local travellers in assisting Vietnamese children.

“With the recent launch of our tour booking platform, we hope to support the needs of children who are less fortunate and give back to underserved communities”, says DK Long, Founder & CEO at Vietnam Is Awesome. “Our partnership with VinaCapital Foundation will enable us to do this by providing a safe, secure, and effective way to deliver donations received from travelers when they book through our platform.”

Donations will fund VCF’s Grassroots Medical Program which focuses on improving the health and wellbeing of children by providing medical assistance in rural communities. 

“We are delighted to have Vietnam Is Awesome join us in creating positive changes in Vietnam,” says Rad Kivette, CEO of VinaCapital Foundation. “It’s an honor to have onboard a company with deep roots in the community, that shows compassion, and truly believes in the virtue and progress that we can make together.”

To book through Vietnam Is Awesome and make a donation to VCF, travellers can simply visit here, select a tour and continue to the payment screen to select the amount they wish to contribute at the check-out step. 

With the funds raised from the Vietnam Is Awesome website, kind-hearted travellers will be joining hands with VinaCapital Foundation to provide support for poor pediatric patients in unusual circumstances through medical assistance and psycho-social activities. 100% of the donations are dedicated to supporting the VCF program’s beneficiaries. All results and impacts will be updated on the VCF and Vietnam Is Awesome’s social media channels.

About Vietnam Is Awesome

Vietnam Is Awesome began in 2017 as a way to bridge gaps between Vietnamese citizens and foreign travellers and expats, and to show the global community the awesome people, places, and culture that Vietnam has to offer. Since then, the Vietnam Is Awesome social community has grown to over 200,000 people with members actively supporting each other with advice, travel tips, and resources. Vietnam Is Awesome is now proud to offer the best selection of hand-picked tours and experiences in Vietnam. 

About The VinaCapital Foundation

The VinaCapital Foundation (VCF) is a USA registered 501-c3 public charitable organization, licensed as an international non-governmental organization in Vietnam. Founded in 2006, VCF’s mission is to create healthcare and education solutions to transform the lives of underserved and marginalized children and women in Vietnam. The work of VCF touches the lives of millions of Vietnamese in 63 provinces every year.

We invest in 3 areas:

Grassroots medical programs

Heartbeat Vietnam, which funds children’s heart surgeries, including pre- and post-operative care; Rural Outreach Clinics, which provides free health examination for children in remote areas; Care to Rise, which accesses, protects, encourages, and provides long-term care to Covid-19 orphans until adulthood; and Grassroots Assistance with specialized care, nutrition and psychosocial activities for children and their parents.

Healthcare capacity-building programs

Survive to Thrive – Critical Response, which provides hospitals training and equipment for emergency and neonatal care; Clean Water installs filtration systems to provide potable water for underserved communities; National Emergencies, which organizes and implements disaster and pandemic relief.

Education programs

Brighter Path educates and transforms ethnic minority female students with scholarships, mentoring and Annual Empowerment Meeting; while Brighter Path Girls’ Clubs provide life-changing knowledge and soft skills training in legal rights, sexual and reproductive health, financial literacy and leadership so they become agents of change in their rural communities.

VCF’s vision is a thriving Vietnam where all children and women are healthy, educated and empowered to benefit from economic growth and contribute to sustainable improvements in their communities. Across every program runs deep commitments to children’s and women’s rights, gender equality, improved nutrition, environmental protection and poverty reduction. VCF is committed to building a vibrant middle class.


Book your tour now and help us in our mission to save lives!

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Written by Huan Phu
Editor at Vietnam Is Awesome
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