Myst Hotel Saigon

The hotel contributes to the existing charm in the midst of tumultuous Saigon. A white building with plant windows of all shapes and sizes. The Myst’s lobby, halls, and balconies express the atmosphere of the city. From private rooms to common areas, every detail is designed to make guests feel comfortable and enjoyable. A typical bedroom in a small area has a traditional living room, study room, bed room, and a little green garden with bougainvilleas and typical tropical plants.

The hotel provides customers with high-class facilities and services. With a restaurant and bar serving a variety of dishes and drinks, guests can enjoy great dining experiences right in the hotel. In addition, the hotel also has a fitness center and rooftop swimming pool so that guests can relax and enjoy their leisure time as its best.

Special: The lobby interior is influenced by industrial features from the demolished Bason – a valuable 200-year historical shipyard. The shapes, sizes, and colors of the hall ways are reminiscent of city alleys.

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