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Boutique Hotels Seasing, Nha Trang, Vietnam is located 40m from the beach and 3km from Nha Trang city center. On this 3km journey, you will see Nha Trang beach, cross the Tran Phu bridge built connecting the two banks of the romantic Cai river and the pristine Xom Con sea mouth, and see the ancient Ponagar tower right at the entrance. Go ahead, reach Hon Chong cape, a few steps away from Tran Phu sidewalk. The hotel’s entire interior and utility services are built up to 4-star standards. Using wooden materials as the main decoration, dotted with light canopy of bamboo, wood and rough fabric, yes, it is a concept close to nature from Boutique Hotels Seasing

All rooms have the best sea view, so you can enjoy Nha Trang beach during your vacations or business trips.

Fun Fact: The property has a unique Japan-inspired decoration.

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