Che – Vietnamese Sweet Soup

Che is a famous Vietnamese dessert appreciated by both locals and visitors. This delicious meal is often served in a bowl and includes components such as beans, jellies, fruits, and coconut cream. What distinguishes Che is its distinct combination of flavors and textures, which produces the ideal balance of sweetness and creaminess.

The recipe for Che varies based on where it is created in Vietnam. The essential components, however, are usually sticky rice, mung beans, coconut milk, sugar, and a variety of fruits and jellies. The sticky rice and beans are cooked until soft before being combined with the other ingredients to make a creamy and tasty combination.

For those wishing to sample the best of Che, there are several locations throughout Vietnam where they may be found. Che at Hang Da Market in Hanoi is recognized for its wonderful flavor and wide range of ingredients. Or, che in Ben Thanh Market in Ho Chi Minh City is a favorite hangout for both residents and visitors. Furthermore, there are several street sellers and local businesses selling Che around Vietnam, so you’ll never be far from this delicious delight.