Nuoc Mot – Mot Herbal Tea

Nuoc Mot, the all-time favorite drink of the people, is the perfect beverage to combat the heat of summer and warm your spirit during the winter in Hoi An. This herbal tea is presented in a dainty cup with a pink lotus petal and tea leaf decoration, making it a visual joy that is as delightful to consume as it is to look at.

Chamomile, monk fruit, green tea leaves, cinnamon, licorice, cinnamon stick, and lemongrass are among the key constituents in Nuoc Mot. These herbs are cooked with a certain amount of water and drained to create a fragrant and tasty herbal tea suitable for any occasion.

A local guy in Hoi An produced this drink a few years ago, and the name, Mot, is derived from the owner’s name. Although tourists may initially mistake it for the word “cool” in Vietnamese, the drink’s name has stayed and is now associated with this excellent herbal tea.

You may enjoy this tasty and affordable drink that will leave you wanting more for just 1 USD each cup. The flavor is incredibly enticing and easy to appreciate. The original and most genuine Mot tea store, Mot Hoi An, is located at 150 Tran Phu, in the heart of the historic town. Visitors may sip their tea while touring Hoi An’s historic streets or enjoy it in the pleasant interior sitting.