Mien Luon

Mien Luon is a popular Vietnamese dish that almost all travelers should sample while in Vietnam. Mien Luon is a flavorful and chewy dish prepared with eel and glass noodles.

The eel is cooked with ginger and spices until soft and tasty in the Mien Luon dish. The glass noodles are then boiled in the eel soup until they are transparent and absorb the broth’s exquisite tastes.

The use of eel as the major component, which is not a common protein in many other nations’ cuisines, distinguishes Mien Luon. Fresh herbs, lime wedges, and chili peppers are frequently given on the side, allowing customers to modify the meal to their desire.

Go to Hanoi’s Old Quarter for the greatest Mien Luon in Vietnam, where many prominent restaurants and street sellers serve this meal. Mien Luon Dong Thinh, which has been serving Mien Luon for over 30 years and has become a treasured institution for both residents and visitors, is one highly recommended place.