Mi Quang – Quang Noodle

Mi Quang, also known as Quang noodle, is a famous Vietnamese cuisine from the country’s central area, notably Quang Nam province. This dish is popular because of its unusual blend of robust flavors and textures, which results in a wonderful and full supper.

Mi Quang is traditionally made with broad rice noodles, meat (typically pig or shrimp), fresh vegetables like lettuce, herbs like mint and basil, and peanuts. The meal is then served with a tasty broth colored yellow with turmeric, garlic, and shallots.

Mi Quang’s adaptability is what distinguishes it. It can be eaten as a major course at lunch or supper, or as a light breakfast. It’s also a great alternative for people searching for a gluten-free option, as the noodles are produced from rice flour.

Mi Quang is best found in the center area of Vietnam, notably in Quang Nam province, where it originated. It has, however, acquired popularity across Vietnam and can now be found in many restaurants and street sellers around the nation. It is best to try Mi Quang at a local diner or street seller for the most genuine and enjoyable experience.