Com Tam

Com Tam is a famous Vietnamese dish that originated in the country’s south. Broken rice, grilled pork, egg meatloaf, pickled veggies, and fish sauce combine to make a simple yet wonderful dish. The manner the ingredients are cooked and presented is what distinguishes this meal.

Com Tam uses broken rice, which is smaller than conventional rice and is said to be more nutritious. The pork is marinated with garlic, lemongrass, sugar, and fish sauce, which gives it a sweet and delicious flavor. The egg meatloaf is cooked to perfection and created with ground pork, eggs, and spices. The pickled veggies give the meal a pleasant crunch and tart taste.

If you want the tastiest Com Tam, go to Vietnam’s southern area, where the meal originated. Try the renowned Com Tam Ba Ghien or Com Tam Cali in Ho Chi Minh City. These restaurants are well-known for their delectable Com Tam and are a must-see for anybody visiting Vietnam.