Bia Hoi

Bia Hoi is a typical Vietnamese beer that every foreign visitor who visits Vietnam should sample. Bia Hoi is a light and delicious beer that is made everyday and is best consumed at one of the country’s many street-side bars.

Bia Hoi is made with only a few components, including water, malted barley, hops, and yeast. Bia Hoi is distinct in that it is not pasteurized and is drank within a day or two of being brewed, resulting in a fresh and crisp taste.

The finest spots to drink Bia Hoi are in Hanoi’s busy streets, where there are plenty of street-side pubs and restaurants dishing up ice-cold glasses of this excellent beer. The famous Vietnamese dish of pho, a savory soup made with rice noodles, pork, and veggies, is one of the greatest foods to combine with Bia Hoi.

Overall, Bia Hoi is a vital aspect of Vietnamese culture and is a must-try for every foreign traveler wishing to experience the true tastes and flavors of this colorful nation.