Trung Trang Cave

Golden treasures are around. There are the uniquely shaped stalactites. A variety of images are to be imagined here. All are seen on the stroll through the cave. Some look like a crown, others like finely woven needlework. Certain corners possess fossilised stone. places to make prayer and pay homage to ancestor dwell in the cave. There’s a fair amount of diversity in shapes and stones. These wonderfully shaped stalactites and stone formation can be viewed on your way through the grotto. 

You may bump into creatures of the dark living in Trung Trang Cave. You will see insects crawling around. There a few reptiles hiding in the corners. Bats and birds use the cave for shelter. The cave is surrounded by a natural forest and some very pleasant green surroundings. Be sure to take a camera for some pictures. Make sure you stop for a few moments to take in the sights, sounds and overall atmosphere in the cave. 

Beware that the cave isn’t that big. People may need to bend over to walk through the cave. It is not advisable for people who struggle with mobility. Also, be careful when taking children. The cave can be dark in places and very slippery, leading to possible accidents. Where possible, take a tour guide with you. Local guides can help you learn more about the cave and are better able to safely guide you through the walk. 

Trung Trang Cave is in Trung Trang Valley, around 15km from Cat Ba Main Town. Entrance is free but transport is required. 

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