Tra Bau Area

Tra Bau is encompassed by the jagged karst hilltops. Unlike other parts of the Halong Bay area, the karsts seem to form around this area, turning into its bay of sorts. The area is pretty much untouched. It is a wonderful place to catch the stars at night. It is one of the safest places for ships to anchor. The hills around protect Tra Bau from any ferocious winds. Most cruises around Lan Ha Bay will anchor overnight. 

It is a wonderful area for the senses. The sights are spectacular. The mix of junk boat drumming and the waves crashing against the hills creates quite a hypnotic sound. The vast open waters make this a spot ideal for swimming and kayaking. There are a few hills with distinct foliage to look around if you kayak over to them. You can see a fishing village in the area. The locals will show you their way of life. 

Tra Bau Bay is a stop for most 2- or 3-day cruises around Lan Ha Bay. 

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