Thien Cung Cave

Vietnamese people love their stories. A lot of these folklores have been passed through time, word of mouth. This cave has a very famous story. Halong Bay is the limestones that would protect the bay from invaders. These karst formations were placed into the waters to confuse any navigators looking to infiltrate the locals. The Dragon King lived in the area. He protected them. The King kept the locals safe and helped with their work.

The story was long forgotten, as most myths are. Fishermen hiding from a storm found the place. They quickly recognised the spot and related it to the myths they’d heard in previous years. The cavern was covered in vegetation. After clearing the way, the cave was opened to visitors. It isn’t for the fainthearted. There are slippery, twisting steps, going down to the cave. You need strong grips on shoes and some waterproofs. Bring a camera.

The interior is unique. The formation of stalactites and stalagmites bring out shapes that resemble four pillars which are said the be the roof of heaven. There are formations said to be the remains of the Dragon King’s lair. Get your tour guide to tell some stories about this legendary cave. They’ll know different myths, as this is a word of mouth folklore after all.

Try to get photos of the stalactites that the suns upon through the roof. A drumbeat sound is created from the wind blowing through the cracks. It appeals to the senses. It is a great place to hear old stories. Come out to see the bay afterwards and you’ll feel either afraid or enthralled. 

Thien Cung Cave is included in most cruise tours. It is 4km North of Dau Go Island and only accessible by boat.

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