Phuoc An Hoi Quan Pagoda

Built in 1902, this is Temple which looks small on the outside but holds some quite complex and intricate features on the inside. The entrance is encapsulated by a traditional East Asia garden consisting of bonsai trees and altars dedicated to various deities. Lanterns hang from the canopy of the entrance. This completes the picturesque view of the garden, with its many articulate arrangements with minute attention to details in its formation and positioning. The small and delicate looking outside does not prepare you for what is inside. 

The wooden carvings in this temple are incredible. Various sculpted inscriptions and drawings depict messages from Taoist Gods and show legendary stories. The temple is dedicated to Quan Cong, a legendary army general from the Eastern Han Empire of Ancient China. At the left of the entrance is a figure portraying the life-sized horse of Quan Cong. Another shrine is dedicated to Ong Bon, who is the custodian of happiness and wealth. 

People often come here to pray for prosperity or luck before embarking upon a journey. A statue of Quan Cong is at the main altar. This is a place you can see a unique form of worship using incense coils. Visitors often make donations before lighting coils and hanging them from the ceiling. It creates a very beautiful image of the temple inside. Coils of prayer and homage are hanging in front of the main altar, which hangs Quan Cong and partially gilded carvings around him.

Phuoc Hoi An Pagoda is located at 184 Hung Vuong, Phuong 12, District 5. It is open all day, from Sunrise to Sunset. For a more articulate look at the temple, look to find a local guide who can show you the different parts. Most of the signs are in Vietnamese or traditional Chinese. The Pagoda is partially gilded and some large donations are made, therefore it is protected by free-roaming guard dogs. Please ask permission to take photos. Be aware of these things before making a visit. 

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