Nguyen Hue Walking Street

Nguyen Hue Street has a wide strip in the middle devoted to pedestrians, with vehicles driving around it. It starts with a Saigon landmark – the People’s Committee building, and goes up to the river on the other side.

There’s a round fountain with music and lights in the evenings, a statue of Ho Chi Minh, French colonial architecture, many small vendors selling cheap snacks, lots of coffee shops, high-end restaurants, boutique stores, and enough space for locals to park their bikes and hang out around the area.

During national football games, the authorities set giant screens on the street. People dress in red, paint their faces, proudly hold flags, and unite watching games and cheering for Vietnam. During Tet holiday, the street turns into a colorful carpet full of flowers, and on many other occasions, there is a stage set with shows and musical performances.

You can see many landmarks from the promenade. One of them is a Bitexco Tower, a skyscraper with a prominent helipad on one of the highest floors. Another one is Apartment 42, often called “cafe apartment.” You probably have seen this one in photos as it is one of the most photographed buildings.  It has small quarters on every floor, each with a balcony. These days most of the rooms are taken by cafes or other small businesses. You can decide which one you want to visit while first looking at the building from the street. You should visit this place as it has an unbeatable vibe and offer great views.

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