Ngoc Son Temple

The Temple of Jade Mountain is located at the northern end of Hoan Kiem Lake. It is situated on a small island which is connected by Cau The Huc Bridge. This temple is dedicated to Tran Hung Dao, who fought away the Chinese and Mongol invaders of the 13th century. The Temple also shows dedications to La To, the Patron Saint of Physicians. It was built to remember great figures who have inspired the history and culture of Vietnam.

The Temple of Jade Mountain was built in the 18th Century at the northern end of Hoan Kiem Lake. As Turtle Tower in the lake centre is inaccessible to visitors without a boat, this Temple is a standing point for visitors and locals to pay respects. Inside are ancient bronze relics and parts of an ancient turtle. Some say it is the legendary golden turtle god. This isn’t proven. 

Homage is also paid to the Confucian Virtuoso Nguyen Van Sieu. The Pagoda itself is surrounded by two tall pillars displaying various calligraphy and messages dedicated to the Confucian Philosophy. There are definite touches of the Tang Dynasty and Imperial China from 100-9000ad. The archway looks out over the sacred lake. People access the temple by passing over the Rising Sun Bridge. The scarlet painted bridge offers a moment to take in quite a spectacular view of the lake.

Ngoc Son Temple is located on Dinh Tien Hoang, Hang Trong, Hoan Kiem Lake. Opening Hours are 08:00-18:00 every day. Tickets are 30,000vnd at the time of writing. 

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