Ma Pi Leng Pass

With the rough terrain and superb scenery, Ma Pi Leng Pass is the highlight of the Ha Giang motorbike loop. Called the King of All Passes in Vietnam due to being the most rugged, this 20-km road is a part of the so-called Happiness Road connecting Ha Giang City with the Dong Van District and Meo Vac Town. It is such a narrow road hung on a cliff that it will take your breath away. Building it was so dangerous that some people died during the construction, which took over two years to complete. The pass goes through towering cliffs at Ma Pi Leng Peak at an altitude of 2,000 meters. There is an imposing gorge created by the distance between the pass and Nho Que River at the bottom.

The rugged territory, the sharp and risky bends, the deep abyss, and the remarkable and untouched scenery are a great combination to feel free and a big challenge at the same time. Go on your own only if you are an experienced motorbike driver. Otherwise, allow yourself to be a passenger and admire the views while professional tour guides, who have been driving this way hundreds of times, will safely take you on this exciting ride.

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