Jade Emperor Pagoda

The temple has been open since 1909 in honor of the supreme Taoist god (the Jade Emperor or King of Heaven, Ngoc Hoang). The temple’s charm stems from the fact that it combines influences from Taoism, Buddhism, and other Chinese faith systems.

The temple is packed with several statues of gods and heroes, including a statue of a general who defeated the Green Dragon and another general who defeated the White Tiger. Many pictures and symbols are carved in wood on doors and columns. The roof is covered with detailed tile work, red lanterns are hung up in the air, and incense smell adds to the atmosphere.

Another compelling element is a famous room that contains the Hall of the Ten Hells, with carved wooden panels showing the different tortures sinners experience in each of the Ten Regions of Hell.

The temple is favored by locals who light candles and incense, pray and worship their gods through many intriguing rituals passed through generations.

Other Attractions