Ho Chi Minh Museum

Built as a dedication to the legendary Uncle Ho, the revolutionary. Various artefacts and stories piece together his life goal of bringing independence to Vietnam. The exhibits provide an insightful view and valuable information about the life of Ho Chi Minh. Exhibits show the founding principles of his philosophy. Other displays show connections and the political changes brought about as a result of his fight for independence. 

The museum is a collection of eight different exhibits, all of which are in chronological order. The first part introduces his hometown and his life in the early years. The next part is about Ho Chi Minh’s expedition around the world to discover new ways to free Vietnam from colonialism. It then continues to show how Ho Chi Minh discovered the founding principles of the Vietnamese Socialist Party from influential figures such as Marx and Lenin. Various documents and antiquities describe the changes taking place in politics throughout this period as this national hero sought to battle for independence. 

There are a variety of artefacts, antiques and gifts associated with Ho Chi Minh around the museum. There are messages of respect shown by other notorious people known to the legendary figure during his life. This is a museum about Uncle Ho, a symbol of Vietnam today. This is a place worth visiting. 

The Ho Chi Minh Museum is located at 19 Ngoc Ha, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi. Tickets are 10,000vnd at the time of writing. 

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