Dark & Light Cave

This is a cave does exactly what it says on the tin. Located on the edge of Halong Bay, this is a cave which can be seen by crossing the waters only. Some visitors take a kayak there. Others like to be taken by a rowing boat. Either way, you need to think about leaving valuables back at your base before exploring the cave. Your camera will need some protection from water as well. For the more adventurous traveller, swimming is another way to see the cave. 

Exploring the cave is almost like going to a different world. You pass through a curved entry full of tropical fauna and shrubs before entering the cave. The lake where the cave is located is surrounded by small mountains. There is a small port a few hundred metres away from where people can take a kayak or get a rowing boat. This is usually the starting point to visit the dark and light cave. 

The dark is around 100 metres long. When taking a boat, be sure to bring a flashlight. It can get quite dark in the middle. If your kayaking through, you’ll need a source of light. The dark cave can’t be accessed during high tides. The light cave is smaller and has a constant ray of light passing through and can be easily navigated. Some say the light cave can resemble a prayer area, a place to worship the beauty of nature. Try to collect some fresh snails or ancient rock pieces if you can. Fossils are discovered in the ancient karst formations. 

The dark and light cave can only be reached on water, by kayak or rowing boat. It is a stop for many cruise tours.

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