Central Post Office

This is a gothic style building that presents the grandeur of French colonialism. The gate clock commands the immediate view of this building and shows the entrance below, which then displays a truly grand building stretching out either side. It sits next door to Notre Dame Cathedral and shows a proud display as a neighbor. The yard outside often has tourists and locals taking pictures in their Sunday best clothes. It isn’t an Eiffel building, but it’s very impressive. 

Designed by Alfred Foulhoux, this building has similar design qualities shown throughout various public offices and palaces around this part of Ho Chi Minh City. The exterior is a combination of Western and Asian Imperial Design. The golden-yellow gothic structure displays arched green windows and runs symmetrically from the clock at the main entrance to the left and the right. Gothic style white carvings decorate the exterior. The carvings between the windows show the names of famous inventors, such as Volta and Faraday.

The interior is 19th century Europe in look and design. It is like being inside a train station in 19th century London or Paris. The dome roof inside is supported by pillars to keep the archway upright. There are pictures showing maps of Ho Chi Minh at around the same time the post office was built, in the 1890s. It is almost like you have been transported back in time. The huge portrait of Ho Chi Minh in the background is the only reminder that you are still in Saigon. 

Look up from the stunning cement tiled floor and the post is in operation all day. On the left and right wings, there are steps to souvenirs shops selling all kinds of collectible items. There are old wooden phone booths available use if people want to make calls. People can send any kind of post or packages from this place. In the middle, there is an area to buy postcards and stamps. There are some old-style benches around the entrance for people who would like to rest and absorb the experience. 

Saigon Post Office is located at 2 Cong Xa Paris, next to Notre Dame Cathedral. The hours of operation are 07:00-19:00. Busy periods are between 08:30-10:00 and 16:00-18:00. The post office can get quite busy during these periods.

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