Bitexco Financial Tower

With 68 floors, 262m high and with a prominent helipad, Bitexco Tower is the most recognisable skyscraper in Saigon’s center.

Designed by Carlos Zapata, this building used to be the tallest in Saigon, before Landmark 81 in District 2 was built. The skyscraper is mainly used for office space, but it also has a Skydeck with 360-degree views on the 49th floor.

Since the entrance costs 200k, you have two alternatives. By paying 50k more, you will get a ticket to the Heineken Experience, which includes Skydeck entrance as well as a short tour describing the history of the company, how the beer is made, and some additional attractions like learning how to pour perfect beer from a keg, obviously free beer, and as a gift a Heineken bottle with your name printed on it.

Another option is to have a drink at the EON Heli Bar. You won’t have a 360 view, but you will still be able to see a big chunk of the city from the top, and although the drinks are pricey, the entrance is free of charge.

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