Binh Tay Market

This is known as the new market for locals living around district 6 in Ho Chi Minh. The old market was destroyed by a fire. It is a market mostly operated by Chinese settlers who came to Vietnam during the 19th century. It is a place where goods can be founds from all parts of Southern Vietnam. 

There are a lot of Chinese architectural ideas sown into the design of this market. The roofs are still similar in style to the once thatched roofing in the old market. These hanging hill rooftops adorn the identity of the Chinese merchants who surround this market area.

Though there are distinctive aspects of Chinese design, there are influences of French construction in the market exterior. The French style clock is the central point of the market. It is encompassed by two Asian Serpents. The serpents and curved style roofs have symbolism. This is to ward off any bad spirits who could affect the merchants trade and ultimately, reduce their prosperity. 

The market has pretty much anything people would want to buy. Merchants come to find goods such as textiles in bulk, locals come to see tailors get clothes made to order. There are antiques available for collection and lots and lots of clothes stalls. The inside is bustling with trade and the area is quite compact. Be careful if you don’t feel comfortable in tight spaces.

Another delight to be experienced around Cho Lon Market are the snacks. There are Vietnamese snacks such as spring rolls and broken rice available. There are some famous places for this food around the market. Chinese snacks are available, such as Banh Bao, or steamed bread bun with fillings and dim sum.

Binh Tay Market is located at 31 Le Tan Ke, China Town, District 6. Opening hours are from 08:00-17:00. 

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