Ban Chan Beach

Looking at this beach, you’d think it comes out of a Robinson Crusoe travelogue. It is truly unspoilt. You see a pure stretch white sand and crystal clear light blue waters. The miniature karsts surround the beach, protecting it like loyal foot soldiers. Funny, considering the English name is Foot Beach. Imagine seeing this place as an explorer. You’d think you had reached utopia. 

The cerulean waters offer too much temptation for a swim. The beach must be walked along. Kayaking is available if you can find a rental station. Anyone who is here should take a tranquil stroll along the coastline. It is relatively untouched. Preserved as part of a national park, it will stay that way. However, the number of tourists won’t stay the same. The areas of Bai Tu Long Bay will attract mainstream tourism soon enough. Included on the tourist horde itinerary will be Ban Chan Beach. 

Cruise liners offering a tour to Bai Tu Long Bay will stop off at Ban Chan Beach. Check the tour itineraries for further information.

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