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Last Updated: March 4, 2024

Do US Citizens need a visa for Vietnam?

Yes. There is currently no visa exemption for US Citizens entering Vietnam, even for short stays.

Vietnam visa for US citizens.
Vietnam visa for US citizens. Photo by vietnamimmigration

What types of Vietnam visas are available to US Citizens?

The two main types of visas for Americans visiting Vietnam are e-visa and visa on arrival. There are also a few special visa types that are much rarer. All of these types and the durations associated with them are outlined in this table:

Visa TypePurposeDuration(s)
E-visaTourism, quick business1 month, 3 months
Visa on arrivalTourism, quick business1 month, 3 months
Business visaBusinessUp to 5 years with TRC
Student visaStudyDepends on course duration

Consult a Vietnamese visa agent for business and student visas. For additional visa types, continue reading.

How much is a Vietnam visa for US Citizens?

The cost of acquiring a Vietnamese visa for US citizens varies depending on the type of visa and the duration you choose. A single-entry e-visa obtained through Vietnam’s official e-visa website costs $25 USD. The table below provides detailed information on the costs associated with e-visas, including those for longer stays and multiple entries. Please note that these costs are approximate and may fluctuate.

One MonthSingle-Entry25 USD
One MonthMultiple-Entry50 USD
Three MonthsSingle-Entry25 USD
Three MonthsMultiple-Entry50 USD

Additionally, working with a Vietnamese visa agent can simplify your visa application process or help obtain a visa on-arrival authorization. Expect to pay a premium over the standard e-visa fee for this added convenience.

What are the requirements to get a Vietnam visa for US Citizens?

Before you proceed with any visa application, make sure you have:

  • An American passport with at least 6 months of validity from the date of entry and at least 2 blank pages to leave room for stamping.

For e-visa:

  • Complete the application form found on Vietnam’s official immigration website. Avoid non-official sites.
  • Prepare electronic copies of a passport photo and your passport’s bio page for uploading.
  • Have a Visa or Mastercard with enough balance to pay the online application fee.

For a visa on arrival:

  • Obtain a VOA (Visa on Arrival) authorization letter from the Vietnamese consulate or a visa agency.
  • Have the visa fee ready in US dollars.
  • Include two passport-size photos with your application.

How to get a Vietnam visa for US Citizens: a step-by-step process

Step 1. Choose Your Visa: Select the appropriate visa for your trip’s purpose and length by consulting this guide.

Step 2. Gather Necessary Documentation: Make sure to compile all documents required as mentioned previously.

Step 3. Submit Your Application: If opting for an e-visa, apply directly via the official Vietnam immigration portal. For alternative visa types, reach out to the embassy or a reputable visa service. The sole Vietnamese Embassy in South Korea is situated at 123 Bukchon-Ro, Jongno-Gu, Seoul, Korea.

Step 4. Process Payment: Ensure your application is accompanied by the necessary payment.

Step 5. Acquire Your Visa: Retrieve or download your visa or authorization letter, depending on what type of visa you applied for.

How long does it take to get a Vietnam visa for US Citizens?

Processing durations differ for each visa type:

  • E-visa: Generally takes around 3 working days to process.
  • Visa on Arrival: The approval letter is often ready within 2 to 3 working days.
  • Embassy Visa: The processing period ranges between 5 and 7 working days.

Please note: The processing time does not include weekends or Vietnamese national holidays. Check the Vietnamese government holiday schedule for 2024 and 2025 to adjust your plans as needed.

Insider tips on getting a Vietnam visa for US Citizens

  • Apply Early: Start your visa application process well in advance of your travel date to avoid any last-minute issues or delays, especially since processing times can vary.
  • Use the Official E-Visa Portal: For convenience and to avoid scams, apply for your e-visa directly through Vietnam’s official immigration website.
  • Ensure Passport Validity: Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your planned entry date into Vietnam. Check this before applying to avoid rejection.
  • Keep Digital Copies: Have digital copies of your required documents (passport photo, passport data page) ready for the e-visa application to streamline the process.
  • Consider a Visa Agent for Complex Cases: If you’re applying for a visa other than a tourist e-visa or if you find the process confusing, consider using a reputable visa agent to help navigate the requirements.
  • Check for the Latest Regulations: Visa policies can change, so it’s wise to check the latest entry requirements or any travel advisories before your trip.
  • Prepare for Your Arrival: If opting for a Visa on Arrival, ensure you have the correct cash amount in USD for the stamping fee and the required documents to present at the immigration desk.
  • Be Aware of Your Visa Duration and Type: Double-check the validity and type of your visa to ensure it aligns with your travel plans and entry/exit requirements.

No. For a prolonged stay in Vietnam, like 6 months, American citizens will need to exit and re-enter Vietnam to refresh their visa status in line with the allowed duration of stay for their specific visa category. Note that you can only apply for a new visa from outside Vietnam and will need to wait for it to process, so you might want to plan a week in a neighboring country.

Yes, but Vietnam visas on arrival require pre-approval. So unless you’ve already obtained a visa on arrival letter through an agent, you can’t get a visa on arrival in Vietnam.

There are two options for obtaining a tourist visa. The more popular option is using the official Vietnam immigration portal to apply for an e-visa, which costs either $25 or $50 and processes in 3 business days. The other option is getting pre-approval for a visa on arrival, which is a bit more complicated and requires you to work with a Vietnamese visa agent.

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