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Last Updated: March 4, 2024

Do Japanese Need a Visa for Vietnam?

No, Japanese citizens do not need a visa for Vietnam if staying for up to 45 days. If planning a longer stay, you’ll need to obtain a visa through one of the methods described in this article.

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Japan passport. Photo by visaindex

What Types of Vietnam Visas are Available to Japanese?

There are several visa options available to Japanese citizens, depending on the purpose and duration of the visit. Here’s a table summarizing the types:

Visa TypePurposeDuration(s)
E-visaTourism, quick business1 month, 3 months
Visa on arrivalTourism, quick business1 month, 3 months
Business visaBusinessUp to 5 years with TRC
Student visaStudyDepends on course duration

For business and student visas, refer to a Vietnamese visa agent. For other types, read on.

How Much is a Vietnam Visa for Japanese?

The cost of a Vietnam visa for Japanese varies by visa type and processing time. The standard fee for obtaining a single entry e-visa through Vietnam’s official e-visa portal is $25 USD, or 3769 JPY. Detailed e-visa pricing, especially for longer stays and multiple entries, is provided in the table below. Note that prices are approximate and can vary.

One MonthSingle-Entry3769 JPY
One MonthMultiple-Entry7538 JPY
Three MonthsSingle-Entry3769 JPY
Three MonthsMultiple-Entry7538 JPY

You can also contact a Vietnamese visa agent to take care of the visa process for you or arrange a visa on arrival letter. They will charge a bit beyond the e-visa fee for convenience.

How to Get a Vietnam Visa for Japanese: A Step-by-Step Process

1. Determine the Type of Visa: Decide which visa suits your travel needs.

2. Gather Required Documents: Prepare all necessary documents mentioned above.

3. Apply Online for an E-Visa or Through an Embassy: For an e-Visa, apply through Vietnam’s official immigration website. Alternatively, you can apply at the nearest Vietnamese embassy or consulate. Vietnam Consulates in Japan can be found in:

  • Osaka. Address is 4-2-15 Ichinocho Higashi, Sakai-Ku, Sakai-Shi, Osaka, Japan.
  • Fukuoka. Address is 4F, Aqua Hakata, 5-3-8 Nakasu, Hakata-Ku, Fukuoka-Shi, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan.
  • Tokyo. Address is 151-0062, Shibuya-Ku, Motoyoyogi-Cho, 50-11.

4. Pay the Visa Fee: Complete the payment as instructed.

5. Receive Visa Approval: Wait for the visa processing to complete. For an e-Visa, you’ll receive an approval via email. The email may come several days after the visa is approved, and you can enter your visa confirmation number on the website for more up-to-date visa status.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Vietnam Visa for Japanese?

The processing time can vary:

E-Visa: Usually 3 working days

Embassy Application: Up to 5 working days

Visa on Arrival: 2-3 working days for pre-approval

Note: Processing times do not include weekends or Vietnamese public holidays.

Insider Tips on Getting a Vietnam Visa for Japanese

– Apply for your visa well in advance of your travel date to avoid any potential delays.

– Ensure your passport has at least two blank pages for stamps.

– For shorter stays (up to 45 days), take advantage of the visa exemption policy for Japanese citizens.

Vietnam Visa for Japanese FAQs

As of the latest information, there isn’t a standard tourist visa option for 6 months directly available through online or embassy applications for Japanese citizens. For stays longer than the durations available (1 month, 3 months), you will likely need to leave Vietnam, apply for a new visa from outside Vietnam, and re-enter once you get it.

Yes, Japanese citizens can obtain a Visa on Arrival in Vietnam, but it’s important to note that this process requires pre-approval. Unlike the e-Visa, which is applied for and received entirely online before departure, the Visa on Arrival necessitates that the traveler obtain a pre-approval letter before flying to Vietnam.

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