Top 10 Vietnam Online Shopping Sites

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Looking for groceries, shower gel, ant bait, a shoe rack, crockery, a yoga mat, mobile phone chargers, dishwashing detergent, a bouquet of flowers and more? We have got you covered with this list of top 10 websites and mobile apps for online shopping in Vietnam. With a click of the mouse or a tap on your phone, everything that you desire can be found. From the comforts of your home, shop to your heart’s content!

Online Marketplace

If you are used to the e-commerce Amazon or Alibaba style of online shopping, here are the top three shopping marketplace aggregators platforms in Vietnam.

Best for: Small household furnishings, kitchen appliances, kitchen utensils, cleaning solutions and equipment, beauty products, small electronic goods, baby goods

1. Lazada

Lazada, owned by Alibaba, is a strong contender for being one of the most useful online departmental stores in the country.

With an online presence in over 6 countries – Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, Lazada has gained itself a positive reputation across Southeast Asia.

On their Vietnamese e-commerce site, one can search for everything from TV and home appliances to things for babies and pets. For a seamless experience, Lazada offers multiple payment options including Visa, Mastercard, Timmo, Lazada E-Wallet, cash on delivery, and easy returns. 

Lazada banner for a 50% off and shipping fee promotion
Lazada banner for a 50% off and shipping fee promotion @ Lazada Fanpage

What makes Lazada stand out is its LazMall platform which offers consumers hassle-free shopping for branded goods. LazMall guarantees 100% authenticity from popular global and local brands and authorized distributors, including name brands such as Samsung, Xiaomi, L’oreal, Adidas, and more. 


Best for:

  • Multiple international and domestic payment options
  • Purchasing 100% authentic global and local brands
  • Easy returns

2. Shopee

Started in Singapore, the Shopee e-commerce marketplace has made its way across Southeast Asia and Taiwan. An online shopping portal with over 80 million products, you can search for almost every home and lifestyle good here.

Shopee Vietnam is runs a ‘Buy with Peace of Mind’ section where customers can search for various deals including free shipping, discounts, and cashback for various products. 

Entering Shopee app
Entering Shopee app @ Internet

Be sure to also check out Shopee’s ‘Flash Sales’ that happen several times a day for heavily discounted products that are only available for a few hours. Products currently on ‘Flash Sale’ include Anessa sunblock, a make-up table, tempered glass protectors for mobile phones, essential oils and more. 


Best for:

  • Ongoing flash sales and heavily discounted products
  • Cashback purchases
  • Over 80 million products including every home and lifestyle good

3. Tiki

Tiki is another B2C e-commerce platform, and unlike Lazada and Shopee, Tiki is a local homegrown Vietnamese marketplace.

Started in 2010 selling books online, Tiki has seen tremendous growth and now states itself as the second top e-commerce site in Vietnam and sixth in Southeast Asia countries, and Tiki now showcases electronics, lifestyle goods, and of course books.

Tiki banner
Tiki banner @ Tiki Fanpage

Tiki also offers a TikiNOW membership a year of free and fast (under 2 hours or next day) delivery for customers in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Danang.


Best for:

  • Homegrown Vietnamese e-commerce platform
  • Books, electronics and lifestyle goods
  • TikiNOW membership including free delivery in major cities

Mobile Apps: Same-Day Delivery for Necessities 

Sometimes you want something, and you simply need it now. For necessities, quick groceries, convenience store products, pet food, or even flowers to be delivered in next to no time, we have found these mobile apps to be very useful:

4. Grab Mart App

Now that ride-hailing and takeaway delivery services are temporarily banned, Grab Mart satisfies our itch for that same-day delivery.

Grab may be the most foreigner-friendly amongst this category of apps in Vietnam, with most of the products translated into English, or at least with helpful photos. 

Grab Mart is the most useful for convenience store goods, you will find popular brand names on Grab including Ministop, GS25, Cheers, and even Guardian for beauty products.

Grab Mart app is ready to ship
Grab Mart app is ready to ship @ Internet

There are also some specialized butchers and fruiterers selling small but decent selections online on Grab Mart. Deliveries within the city center are usually fulfilled within an hour. 


Best for:

  • The most foreigner-friendly (translated into English or at least with helpful photos)
  • Convenience store goods
  • Specialized butchers and fruiterers

5. Now App

Launched in 2012 in Ho Chi Minh City, Now is an on-demand delivery service app offering fresh groceries, medicine, pet food, and other necessities. On non-lockdown days, Now also offers beer deliveries, salon services, and passenger transport. 

Now delivery guys
Now delivery guys @ Internet

Now has a user-friendly interface with its retail categories all displayed on the home page. Take a look at their ‘Hot Deal Today’ offerings for discounts on fresh fruits, seafood, baby care, and more. 


Best for:

  • Fresh groceries, medicine, pet food, and other necessities
  • ‘Hot Deal Today’ offerings for discounts on fruits, seafood, and more

Groceries on Demand

 Particularly during lockdown, or even simply because it’s convenient to stay at home rather than go out, online shopping for groceries have never been this fruitful. 

6. Market Oi

Market Oi is a personalized shopping service – simply contact them on Facebook Messenger, tell them which supermarket/store you want them to shop from, and let them know what you need. During this lockdown, they have a minimum shopping list of 14 items. 

They usually deliver within the same day, and if not the day after. Their customer service is on point – reviews have mentioned that the Market Oi shopper will stay in touch with you during the grocery run to check on exactly what you want. 

Market Oi
Market Oi @ Market Oi Fanpage


Best for:

  • Personalised shopping
  • Exceptional customer service

7. Chopp

Chopp is a site that brings together different supermarket companies. You can shop online via the supermarket options or via products, and add them to your checkout bag.

Chopp has popular supermarket retail chains like Lotte Mart, Annam Gourmet, Nam An Market, Tops (Big C), and specialised grocers including Ichiban Market, Indian Food Cart, etc.

Chopp shop banner
Chopp shop banner @ Chopp Fanpage

However, given their popularity during lockdown, shopping traffic to Chopp has increased and their delivery waiting time can be a week out, so be sure to plan in advance. 


Best for:

  • Shopping from multiple supermarkets including Annam Gourmet, Lotte Mart and Tops (Big C)


We are all (over) reliant on our technology accessories. Whether you are looking for a new toy, itching to upgrade, or replacing a broken tool, here are our top shopping sites:

8. The Gioi Di Dong (Mobile World)

The Gioi Di Dong is a popular electronics retail shop with its familiar yellow stores popping up all across the country that also does e-commerce.

Their online site technology offerings include mobile phones, laptops, tablets, accessories, smart-watches, desktops, printers, and even sim cards.

The Gioi Di Dong
Customer services at The Gioi Di Dong @ The Gioi Di Dong Website

The online store also has second-hand goods available at good prices – even for the latest global models such as the iPhone 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S21.


Best for:

  • Affordable second-hand goods – even for the latest global models such as the iPhone 12

9. HaLo Shop

HaLo is smaller compared to Gioi Di Dong, but it specialises in gaming (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Wii), Apple products, and Microsoft Surface products. It offers some of the most competitive pricing in the country. Their customer service is also excellent, often offering free gifts with large purchases. 

Halo Shop
Halo Shop @ Internet


Best for:

  • Competitive prices
  • Great customer service is also excellent, often offering free gifts with large purchases

Swapping: Pre-Loved Clothes and Books

 For those of you that like to keep your wardrobes and bookshelves fresh but not cluttered – fashion and book swapping is the way forward. 

10.  Facebook Swapping Groups

The best way to keep your environmental impact low and to keep enjoying new-to-you things is to swap, buy, or sell pre-loved goods.

Saigon Swap regularly hosts fashion events (in a non-locked down world) where people bring bags of clothes from across the world to share and swap.

Facebook group is a good community
Facebook group is a good community @ Internet

Book Swap HCMC organizes the swapping online with users posting photos and details of their books on the Facebook page. 

Website: Saigon Swap (Clothes) –

Website: Book Swap HCMC –

While some items that our hearts desire may not be considered lockdown essentials, we can still window shop online and await better days.

Delivery and shipping times are also affected by the curfew and delivery zones, so it’s best to check with the stores for the most updated information.

Till then, stay within the comforts of your home and check out other helpful resources and guides including our list of Vietnamese survival phrases for lockdown and beyond!

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