100 Vietnam Photos From Our Members That Prove Vietnam Is Truly Awesome

Vietnam is a country of incredible beauty and cultural richness, and we believe in appreciating and exhibiting this beauty to the rest of the globe. We recently held a photo contest and were blown away by the incredible photographs submitted by our members, which captured the spirit of Vietnam in all its grandeur. We are pleased to showcase over 100 gorgeous photographs that demonstrate VIETNAM IS AWESOME, all of which were captured by our brilliant members.

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Our mission at Vietnam Is Awesome is to not only inspire people to visit Vietnam, but also to help make the country a better place for both natives and visitors. We hope that by emphasizing Vietnam’s natural beauty and cultural diversity, we could build a stronger respect for the nation and its people. We aim to preserve Vietnam’s beauty for future generations by supporting sustainable tourism and ethical travel.

Join us on this visual adventure around best Vietnam photos to discover why we believe it’s such a fantastic destination!

Explore Northern Vietnam’s Breathtaking Beauty

The north of Vietnam is a region that is steeped in history and boasts incredible natural beauty. From the rice terraces of Sapa to the emerald waters of Halong Bay, this place is truly a feast for the senses. The residents in this region are known for their warmth and hospitality, and their traditional way of life is fascinating to witness. Whether you are exploring the bustling streets of Hanoi Old Quarter or hiking through the mountains to remote hill tribe villages, the north of Vietnam is an unforgettable experience that will stay with you forever.

Hanoi street
The photo was taken in the street of Hanoi. This photo represent how the local cope up and relive their usual lives after the pandemic. This photo inspires me to keep going in life no matter what struggle we face. // Photo by Reyhen Jacinto.
street vendor in hanoi train street
This photo was taken in Hanoi train street. Nowadays, as tourism is slowly getting back on track after pandemic, locals are starting to see hope and get back in business to keep their lives moving. It may be a slow moving business but at least they are eager and happy to see that the tourist are starting to visit Vietnam again. This photo shows that there is always a rainbow after the rain. // Photo Reyhen Jacinto.
street in Cat Ba island
Life in Vietnam means seeing a beautiful landscape like this one. I captured this photo using my Olympus XA2 and 35mm Fujicolor Red film, I was on my to Cat Ba Island to spend a day with my friends and this scene felt so relaxing and serene I had to to capture it. // Photo by Sawano Newell.
mai chau
I was riding a bicycle in Mai Chau, looking at the surrounding scenery and suddenly saw a native grandmother herding ducks. // Photo by Valeriya Ryazantseva.
lung cu
View from Lũng Cú – northernmost point of Vietnam, in Hà Giang province. Quiet and peaceful surroundings, simply a beautiful getaway location from busy life of cities. // Photo by Mai Nguyen.
hanoi train street
Carrying on: no matter where the track ends.
Photo was taken at Train Street (Ngo 224 Le Duan) in Hanoi. // Photo by
Soleiman Dias.
Hanoi lady
True Friendship: built of a thousand small kindnesses…
This photo was taken around the Hoan Kiem Lake.
This group of ladies in traditional ao dai represents how friendship is perceived in Vietnam: constructed and developed based upon mutual understanding, sympathy and trust. For Vietnamese, friendship is supposed to be built step by step and these ladies must have taken many steps together. We can almost see their smiles and the happiness in their hearts even without seeing their faces! // Photo by Soleiman Dias.
hanoi street
Towards freedom and progress: it took root, a plant that rapidly grew.
Photo was taken in Hanoi by the Hoan Kiem Lake.
This photo clearly depicts how the Vietnamese are proud and positive. Just by observing these people walking down the street, one can get a clear sense of joy and peace. This scene shows how locals put all their worries behind and enjoy the simpleness of life, and pure beauty. This shot gives a chance to show the world the basic form of the Vietnamese soul: energetic, free, positive, with a beautiful smile. // Photo by Soleiman Dias.
Banh chung
This picture was taken on the last day of the Lunar Calendar which is usually called “30 Tet”.
Tet holidays is the great time that all members in my family gather together after a busy year and we often cook “Banh chung” at home. In Vietnamese tradition, making “Banh Chung” is the ideal way to express gratitude to our ancestors.
Sitting around the warm fire, my family discusses the meaning of Banh Chung and share our wishes for the upcoming year. The garden, chickens run around and the smoke of Banh Chung makes me feel calm, enjoyable when being at home and family time. Although there are a lot of challenges outside, when I come home, my family always embraces and motivates me.
Big love to Banh Chung, Tet holidays and my family! // Photo by An Le.
meo vac market
The Runners-UpMeo Vac is a small town located at the extreme north of Vietnam, close to the chinese border that stretches out as far as the eye can see behind the massive limestone mountains surrounding the region. It’s an unavoidable stop of the increasingly popular Ha Giang loop.
Each Sunday, the quiet city takes on a whole new look for an open-air theater. The area’s different ethnic groups, including Lolos, Daos and H’mongs, drape themselves in their most beautiful traditional costumes to turn the town into one of the most colorful rendezvous in Vietnam. Vegetables, fruits, medicinal plants, rice or corn alcool, kitchen tools, clothes, a chubby pig or dry fish, there is nothing you cannot find in this market. The local ethnic groups also come here to share the latest news of their village around a Thuoc Lao, a water-pipe tobacco, and one (or a few) drinks.
This picture represents for me the strong cultural rituals rooted in these northern-hills tribes and transmitted from generation to generation. It also displays the infamous Vietnamese Squat I have been trying to master for years but without great success so far. // Photo by Adrien Jean.
worker collecting toxic lacquer
This picture shows a planter collecting toxic resin from Rhus Vernicifera tree to make the traditional Vietnamese lacquer painting called Sơn mài. Not many people outside of Vietnam know or have heard about ‘Son mai’. This is a traditional painstaking Vietnamese art that uses exclusive natural materials and adds incredible value in the Vietnamese culture. The resin itself can only be harvested after three years and used for four to five years. The lacquer painting itself could take months to paint. // Photo by Sarah Tang.
man read newspaper
It was fortunate to pass by and see an old man standing next to the building and reading the newspaper on the wall. In the past, reading newspapers was my habit and an indispensable habit of Vietnamese people. // Photo by Vinh Nguyen.
Do market Hai phong
Hai Phong Do Market, a street vendor in this area reminded me of my grandmother and mother who went to the market early every day when I was a child. // Photo by Nguyen Tien Dung.
nam dinh
The Runners-UpNam Dinh, this photo reminds me of a father who works hard to raise his family. // Photo by Nguyen Tien Dung.
The Nam Dinh Spring Flower Market holds a special place in my heart, evoking a flood of emotions every Tet holiday. // Photo by Nguyen Tien Dung.
The captivating beauty of Vietnam is embodied in the image of a woman, whose grace and poise are a reflection of the country’s rich culture and history. // Photo by Thang Nguyen.
street vendor in vietnam
The simple working life in Vietnam is a testament to the indomitable spirit of its people, who toil tirelessly day in and day out to make ends meet. // Photo by Thang Nguyen.
hanoi independence  day
I took this photo of children observing the military parade held in Hanoi city for Vietnam’s Independence Day celebration. It reminds me that thanks to the strength of the Vietnam Army, my and future generations get to live in peaceful times free of war. As someone born and raised outside of Vietnam, it’s hard for me to grasp my Vietnamese identity entirely, and being able to live in the land of my ancestors helps me feel closer to my roots. // Photo by Rina Nguyen.
long bien bridge
Long Bien Bridge stands as a symbol of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. // Photo by Rina Nguyen.
girl in front of hoan kiem lake
I was always interested to visit Vietnam one day and i got lucky to stay for one year in Vietnam. I worked and lived in Hanoi and fell in love with this country. Particularly the people are the beauty of it. I was oftenly walking around Haon Kiem Lake and fotographed people. The girl was playing with some leaves at the lake and i was impressed how happy she was and how simple life can be. The foto was shoot in 2013. // Photo by Michael Arnold.
Hai phong
Hai Phong in 2013 // Photo by Michael Arnold.
long bien bridge
The Runners-UpLong Bien bridge in 2013, as many tourist i had to go to stand on the track of the trainline and take some fotos. Something i would never do in Switzerland but here it is a touristic attraction. This foto is timeless and shows our way towards the future. At the end waits maybe someone like here in the middle of the track. // Photo by Michael Arnold.
long bien market hanoi
This was taken at the Long Bien market in Hanoi. To visit the market in the early morning is to experience sensory overload (in a good way!) I had only just been shown the continuous shutter mode and this was the first shot I managed to successfully put it to use! // Photo by Dominic Cookman.
hanoi street market
I was trying to depict the dizzying and mesmeric life in Vietnam’s street markets. It is as though Vietnam invented the concept of drive-though shopping. The wide format emphasises this busy location at Dong Xuan, Hanoi. All the time I was trying to see clearly through to my main focal point of a shoulder pole lady who was also watching the world go by. A longer shutter speed, as light levels down at street level are always surprisingly low, has led to depicting an element of movement in the motorbike rider and this further helps to show the constant swirl of activity in such an environment. // Photo by Paul Sansome.
Vietnam Nanyue - 100 Vietnam Photos From Our Members That Prove Vietnam Is Truly Awesome
Wide open yet bustling at times, Vietnam you find my heart wherever you are. Be you upon the sea, kayaking afar, I feel your impulse to better discover who you are. Together we will grow and I’ll meet you on the streets and waterways of this beautiful land. // Photo by Susan Blick.
Second Prize WinnerThe Night Barber of Hanoi. I took this shot on Nguyen Thi Thap, Cau Giay, Hanoi. To me it represents a lot of elements of Vietnam and the culture. The ingenuity of the people to create street businesses is something Vietnam is famous for. This not only shows the clever business idea, but looks back at many years of barbers who have occupied sidewalks to cut hair. The halo above the barber and his client make the image standout from the cold Hanoi winter. To me, this photo sums up my feelings about Hanoi’s desire to keep their culture but adapt it to modern society to allow for services to be offered outside of regular hours or locations. Although this was taken in Hanoi, similar scenes are found in every town and city and give Vietnam its charm and creativity. // Photo by Jeremy Canuto.
Long bien bridge
I took this photo in Hanoi on Long Bien Bridge in October 2021. The morning markets in Long Bien were still not allowed to be open fully due to covid restrictions so these people were doing their best to make some business. Moments later the police game and they all scattered as quickly as possible. It really represents Life in Vietnam at the time. The dedication and hard work of these people is captured in this photo and they would risk anything to make some money to feed their families. // Photo by Jeremy Canuto.
cycling in long bien
This photo was taken on the second day of the Tet Holiday in a street in Long Bien, Hanoi. On a gloomy day of Tet, with no sunshine, an old man put on his favorite traditional Ao Dai, and was trying to seek fun activities on holiday. His frown somehow shows his boredom, when most of the neighborhood returned to their hometown for a visit. The interesting thing is, although the streets were mostly empty, with no people or crowd or no fun, the man still decided to change into his traditional attire and ride on his bicycle to find something unexpected. // Photo by Long Ho.
cat ba island
Flying with the Eagle at Cat Ba national park…what kind of more inspiring moment are you lookin for? // Photo by Igor Imranshoev
Pho in Ha Giang
The Art of Pho
How can you display authentic life in Vietnam without picturing one of the most intense moment that many foreigners experience here for the very first time : eating phở, the vietnamese way. The smell first, that can nearly be guessed from the fumes in the background. Then the divine taste, one such that can hardly be found elsewhere in the world. This H’mong lady made it so nicely at Dong Van morning market (Ha Giang province) that at this moment I could only think of one thing : this was art. // Photo by Florian Commans.
ao dai long bien hanoi
Long Bien bridge, one of the most emblematic sights of Ha Noi, is a place that striked me by its picturesque and genuine appearance. Therefore, I couldn’t think of a better way to depict Vietnam than by gathering on it two other quintessential symbols of Vietnamese identity: the conical ‘non la’ and the white áo dài, the very same as the one pictured in the movie The White Silk Dress. This picture has a special place in my heart as it was my very first time shooting a model posing for me (I am not a professional photographer). Duong, my model, is the also the person that introduced me to the movie and to many aspects of Vietnamese life. // Photo by Florian Commans.
village life in hanoi
The Runners-Up – This photo was taken at the incense village outside Hanoi in June 2022. I was on a photo tour and it was only my second full day in Vietnam. I was already captivated by Vietnam, its people and its culture and looking at the image will always take me back to that time. // Photo by Dominic Cookman.

The Harmonious Blend Of Nature And Culture In Central Vietnam

A genuinely unique experience may be had in Central Vietnam, a stunning region where local culture and the wild life mix. The sceneries are spectacular in their extent and variety, from the undulating hills and lush valleys to the immaculate beaches and glistening waves of the East Sea.

But what makes this place distinctive are the people. Every part of life, from the bustling markets and colorful festivals to the traditional handicrafts and delectable cuisine, is infused with their genuine friendliness and close connection to the land. They are a resilient and inventive people who have triumphed over many obstacles throughout the course of history to maintain their traditions and way of life.

A strong feeling of amazement and reverence for this amazing region of the globe is instilled in visitors by the harmonious way in which nature and culture merge in Central Vietnam.

Hoian haircut
The Runners-UpHairdresser places fascinate me in Vietnam. There is always a scene to steal that could come right out of a movie but that is as real as it can, and truly part of the Vietnamese daily routine. This photo was taken in Hoian, before the shops opened, and these 2 men took advantage of the comfortable seats to read and extend their short night. // Photo by Thuy Nguyen.
hoian street vendor
This scene was taken in Hoian, at a moment when street vendors already had picked their spot to sell their products to the tourists. The best spots are probably rare and hard to get, especially when you get there late, like it probably happened to my cute vendor on the picture. She spotted that very photogenic house at the same time as a lady dressed in a typical ao dai, who wanted to get her best Instagram shot. So she ran, passed the elegant lady and installed her stand in a few seconds right in front of her. I think she realized how mad the lady got because she started to laugh at the situation. The lady had almost no time to protest and finally decided to step aside and give her best smile. But I believe the nicest smile is the vendor’s. Vietnam has so many smiles! // Photo by Thuy Nguyen.
“Majestic Hoi An” – taken while I was strolling along the Thu Bon River early in the morning. Serene and
peaceful, with ancient Hoi An astride, filled with treasures and memories, evoking what this ancient port
must have felt like centuries before when it was a center of trade. Calm and comforting, the history and
ancient bonds with my home country. One of my most memorable experiences in Vietnam. // Photo by Sawano Newell.
buffalo in da lat
Water buffalo-friendly forest bathing at Dankia Lake, Da Lat
Traditionally people sought the restorative benefits of the nature as part of their everyday life. Yet with the increase of modern civilization, we moved away from the nature and into the hustle. We lost touch with nature. I trust that the evolution of animals alongside Vietnamese people has a deep-seated connection that represents a tranquil experience in picturesque traditional villages of Vietnam. // Photo by Yen Tran.
man in da lat
Sunrise smile
This morning is gorgeous as the Vietnamese smile. It seems that matter and status have never affected Vietnamese local souls. When a stranger smile at me, I know they mean it. What matters is who made you smile again. The photo was taken at a local coffee shop in Da Lat. // Photo by Yen Tran.
fishing in da nang
The Runners-UpCaptain Cool.
There’s always something new and interesting to spot in Vietnam. Even after years of living in Da Nang and getting up early to catch sunrises and people watch I’d never managed to see how these big fishing boats actually got into the water until this day.
On this day, after watching the locals dance and do some exercise as the sun rose, I managed to spot one of the locals on his boat and watched in awe as his boat was towed into the water by another, far off fishing boat. Those axles and wheels actually stayed on the boat and it was really something to see. The thing that really was inspiring was how easily and effortlessly they made the whole process look. The guy on the boat even looks like some cool heroic figure; standing there all nonchalantly. // Photo by Jamie Bates
woman in hoi an
Just another day for this sweet old lady.
After living and working in Hoi An I got to know most of the street sellers and locals.
Although I’d often watch her interact with tourists, this lady was someone that I hadn’t had the chance to talk with until I was heading overseas. I went over and had a chat with her in my broken Vietnamese and as luck turns out, one of my friends walked past and helped us to translate and chat to each other. We talked and smiled at each other for a bit and then I said I’d like to buy 10 of her fans to take back as gifts. She was really happy and basically said in Vietnamese, “Bạn sống ở đây. Giá rẻ hơn.” Which basically translates to, “you live here, I’ll give you a cheaper price.”
As I was about to leave I asked her if I could take her photo and told her she was, “rất đẹp” – very beautiful in Vietnamese. There are so many beautiful things in Vietnam but for me, the older ladies, with their wrinkles and beautiful smiles are simply incredible. // Photo by Jamie Bates
hoi an at night
Reflections in old town.
Hoi An is an incredibly inspiring place when it comes to photography. There’s something beautiful and mesmerizing around almost every corner. I’d often spend nights out in old town; I must admit though, a few years earlier I would have been more inclined to stumble from bar to bar. However, wandering around with my camera and trying to improve my photographs was something that brought me great joy and an overwhelming sense of peace and calm. Rainy season isn’t the most fun time in Hoi An but I found that the leftover puddles and patches of water made for great reflections and unique photos. The thing that would often inspire me to head out at night was hoping I’d get to capture moments like these and share them with family and friends around the world. Vietnam truly is a unique and beautiful place. // Photo by Jamie Bates
Surfing in Nha Trang
Action sports at Nha Trang. Vietnam has many adventure and sporting things for you to do. // Photo by Grant Angus
tuy hoa beach
I am sad and lonely sitting here on the beach South of Tuy Hoa. Come and join me for fresh seafood straight of the fishing boat. Cooked in front of you! // Photo by Grant Angus
hoi an lotus
Lotus is Vietnam’s national flower and can be found everywhere around the country, in religion, arts, architecture but also in the daily lives and gastronomy of Vietnamese or as the emblem of Vietnam Airlines. It is considered as a sacred flower in buddhism, growing and blossoming despite emerging from muddy waters. I think it works as a great metaphor of the hard-working nature and resilience of Vietnamese people under any circumstances and despite all challenges. The farmers I met in these fields nearby Hoi An have been exploiting lotus farms since the end of the 1970’s, shortly after the end of the war. The area has been a hub of lotus production in the decades since. However, the lotus harvest only takes place during the summer, and they spend the rest of the year working in the mountains surrounding the fields, collecting wood and raising cattle. // Photo by Adrien Jean
Bai Dai Nha Trang
The arrival of the wet season in Vietnam isn’t a spontaneous thing. Often, you can see it, even feel it, slowly moving towards you. The rain feeds the country through it’s lush farms and rivers, and provided us with the beautiful landscapes of this amazing country. This photo was taken at Bai Dai (Long beach), about 30km south of Nha Trang, in Khanh Hoa province. // Photo by Jon Marquis.
cua dai hoi an
Vietnamese women work very hard, especially the previous generations from the Central of the country. I took this photo at dawn on Cua Dai bridge in Hoi An while seeing this woman walked her bicycle full of stuffs over the bridge to the morning market. // Photo by Fong Bui.
da nang beach
I took this picture to Da Nang beach. There are a several beautiful painted round fishing boats, thematic storytelling about Vietnamese daily life. Just a few pieces of Da Nang tourist attractions alongside with many other things to view and visit on the central coast of the country! // Photo by Sorin George Dinu
nha trang beach
A beautiful morning in Nha Trang, with the Sun rising from the Sea! A new day is born, a new hope for a better and amazing future is growing! A very good place and moment for meditation about the matter in life. // Photo by Sorin George Dinu
Hoi An Lady
Life in Vietnam is all about balance. The calm of the countryside and chaos of a bustling city’s intersection. The rolling mountainous regions of Sapa and the flat plains of the Mekong. 
The balmy summer heatwaves and the cool, refreshing relief of the moonsoon downpours. 
The new cosmopolitanism of glistening skyscrapers and the old crumbling reminiscents of a byegon era.
The unresolved hard graft to make a living and the unconditionally strong ties to maintaining family values and connectivity. The early morning strolls around the city center parks, the late evening snack stops on roadside plastic stools.  The savoury bowl of fresh, steaming noodles and the cool, sweet cups of traditional chè. 
Life in Vietnam is all about balance. // Photo by Luke Neville
hon yen phu yen
Recently, I had the chance to go back to Phu Yen province in Vietnam. There is this place called Hon Yen where I love to fly my drone. This is where local fishermen spread out their fishing nets to harvest anchovies. I just love watching all these colorful nets from above. It’s mesmerizing… It is such a local scene that I just had to take photos of it. // Photo by Benjamin Tortorelli.
boat in hoi an
The Runners-UpWhile I was in Phu Yen, I got really curious to see how local fishermen bring back to shore the anchovies they caught with their huge fishing nets. Turns out that they sail back close to the beach, load anchovies into buckets and then use basket boats to carry them to the beach. It is so much work and really inspiring to see. // Photo by Benjamin Tortorelli.
hon yen phu yen
Here is my last photo for this (small) series on fishing nets in Vietnam. This photo, like the others, was taken at Hon Yen (Phu Yen Province). It’s a closer shot of the fishing boat where you can see fishermen working together to pull back their net. I feel like it’s a local scene that we’re not used to see (at least not from a drone perspective). This is why I wanted to share these photos with everyone. // // Photo by Benjamin Tortorelli.
hoi an
As evening descends the colors come alive and show us your zest for life. The community of the North the business minds of the South meet and join in this place of celebration Hoi An. A central city representing all the grace and beauty of that is this country I have chosen to make my home, Viet Nam. // Photo by Susan Blick.
blue house hoi an
The Blue House – Hoi An
Hoi An is still a wonder for photographers and architecture lovers, the unique atmosphere you can feel in the small streets along the river bring so many photos opportunity. I travelled there 4 times since 2003 and see how people and government works well to preserve this heritage. Once I was walking around the old streets I spotted that blue house (now re-paint in yellow) and was waiting for somebody pass in front of my frame. then only few min later this lady cycling with elegance was the perfect subject for complete the image. For me it’s a typical icon picture of Vietnam for also those who never been yet and dream to discover this fantastic country. // Photo by Jean-Francois Perigois.
coast in Hoi an
This photo has been taken on the coast near Hoi An.
Vietnam is a country of contrasts. In this photo a feeling of serenity emanates while in the background it is the comings and goings of fishermen awaited by a crowd of women readies to buy their fish. At the first light of day, the tired faces of these fishermen appeared, happy to have finished a hard night’s work. This is the Vietnam despite the hard life for most of the peoples they always keep the smile. // Photo by ANTHONY DESGRE.
elefant fall in da lat
Another trip with my wife , at that time we visit Dalat and discovered the surroundings of this area . This is one of the many waterfalls in Vietnam . Elefant Falls which shows me the beauty and power at the same time the nature of Vietnam has to offer . I love water in any kind: river, lake , waterfall , ocean , you name it I love it . And Vietnam as to offer a lot of this . My journey continues to see more of this beautiful country and I will not rest until I have seen all of it. // Photo by Christian Urban.
da lat from nha trang
This photo was taken on the way to Dalat from Nha Trang. In order to observe a sunrise from this point of view you are really have to wake up early and drive a while, and if you are willing to do that you will be rewarded with a truly inspiring moment! // Photo from Igor Imranshoev.
my khe da nang
This photo was taken along My Khe beach in Da Nang, Vietnam one evening while making my way home. It shows my khe beach during a sunset facing towards Son Tra peninsula with both a storm cloud and a rainbow all captured in one photo. Always fascinates me and goes to show how impressive the Vietnam landscape can be. No matter how many times you might frequent a spot there’s always a chance to see something new. // Photo by Gary Mathlin.
marber mountain da nang
Flowers in Vietnam seem to be quite a significant part of the Vietnamese culture, with many different types and various events throughout the year to show off the beautiful flora of Vietnam. This particular photo was taken up on Marble Mountain in Da Nang, and highlights the gold and pearly white flowers of the Frangipani (hoa sứ trắng). Just one example of the many inspirational things you can see in Vietnam. // Photo by Gary Mathlin.

South Vietnam – A Land Of Unique Beauty And Vibrant Culture

South Vietnam is unlike any other destination in the world because of its breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural variety. From the emerald green rice paddies to the deep mangrove forests and twisting waterways of the Mekong Delta, its rich tropical landscapes are a riot of color and life.

But the things that really set this place apart are the people. The vibrant pagodas, lively marketplaces, and traditional festivals that dot the countryside are evidence of the residents’ friendliness, hospitality, and passionate pride in their culture.

The cultural diversity and wealth of South Vietnam, which ranges from the Khmer settlements in the delta to the Cham people in the middle highlands, never ceases to fascinate and inspire.

children in mekong delta
This photo is called The Road of Happiness, my favorite film photo (Kodakgold200, Ricoh).
I choose this picture because it was taken on the road that members from the Faculty of Medicine Volunteer Club in my university and I had been working together to appeal for charity funds. To make it more special, it was made by hand, in Hamlet 1, My Thanh Bac Commune, Duc Hue District, Long An Province. I can still recall vividly how difficult it was to install the lighting system and concrete over the 500-meter road because Hamlet 1 is a small far-fetched island by Vam Co Dong River, isolated from the rest of the commune. The photo is even more meaningful to me because the bright and innocent smiles of the children there have left a blissful feeling in my heart until now. // Photo by Duong Thien.
market in saigon
Nguyen Huu Hao market is well known as the umbrella market among ex-pats and tourists in Saigon.
Located in the middle of the District 4, an area quickly being gentrified, this old market is still filled with
small vendors, selling all sorts of local foods and goods. And, in the apartments and walkways that
surround the market, you can still see the rich and authentic lives of Saigoneers’ as they carry out their
daily trade and pastimes. The umbrella market remains one of my favorite spots to shoot in Saigon. // Photo by Sawano Newell
non la saigon
“Lady with Non La” – discovered while I was exploring with my camera at a local market, this
magnificent lady sat atop a small plastic chair, quietly, working diligently and rhythmically to
remove the shells from countless shellfish. All concentration, no talk, she glanced at me, smiled
a little, and continued on with her work. Nón lá above, firmly pressed lips below, yet a pleasant,
contented smile. Iconic of all the street food vendors I have encountered over the years. // Photo by Sawano Newell.
man in long hai beach
I met this fisherman on a summer afternoon 2019 on Long Hai beach. He was attending to his fishing net. He hardly seemed to notice when I appeared, although there was nobody else nearby. We talked a few words, just greetings and the weather, he was not really disposed to a conversation. All he cared about was his fishing net. I got quite enthralled by his deep devotion, and wanted to retain the impression of this caring moment. // Photo by Nguyen Thi Huong.
fishing in vung tau
I took this picture at Vung Tau beach, a summer morning 2019 before 6am. 
I feel a rhythm in the picture, the swing of the joint effort. A shared will of different persons which gives result if being properly coordinated. Well, maybe not quite perfectly this time, as we see someone tumbling. But this makes the picture only more casual. It is also noteworthy who these persons are. Vung Tau beach is usually overcrowded with tourists, which makes it difficult for local fishermen. But, at least, not this time. The three men pulling the boat are not fishermen. They are tourists. They were just jogging there on the beach as a morning exercise, when they saw an opportunity to be helpful. Without hesitation they started to pull. A scene of inspiring heave-ho. // Photo by Nguyen Thi Huong.
street in d4 saigon
This man is one that really caught my eye while I was walking the streets of district 4. He seemed so out of place while still being perfectly in it, With everything he needs strapped to his bike. Out of the vast majority of the photos I’ve captured, their haven’t been many that has quite engaged my curiosity as much as this. Watching the man slowly walking his bike into the distance and swiftly enveloped by the Saigon traffic. Life is never easy, and waits for no one but the most important part of it all is to keep moving forward even if it’s one step at a time. // Photo by Josh Yenson.
fishing in mui ne
The backbone of Vietnam.
My first ever experience at the coast of Vietnam, Mũi Né. Spending the afternoon walking the beach. I stumbled across this fisherman untangling his massive fishing net. After a quick chat going back and forth using google translate and a whole lot of hand gestures, back he went to work. I spent about an hour with him and couldn’t believe how hard working and determined he was. I don’t only love this photo, I love the memory that is associated with it, thinking back to it. The friendliest person you could ever meet. The obvious language barrier between us but yet he was so welcoming and more than happy to share a part of his life with me. Which I feel sums up the people of Vietnam. // Photo by Josh Yenson.
man in d7 saigon
The Runners-UpWalking the streets of district 7, I hear someone shouting across the street. To my surprise he was calling me to come speak to him. We spoke for a good few minutes while he laid on his bike. He asked if I needed a lift anywhere and said that he’s got all the time in the world. So after snapping the photo he drove me down the street to a small local coffee shop. Where we spoke further and he was more than happy to share some places that he thought I might want to go to in the future. That’s one thing that surprised me about the people of Vietnam, their willingness to help and their friendliness is so infectious that it feels like you’re apart of this community. // Photo by Josh Yenson.
Mui ne beach
This photo was taken by drone at Joes Cafe and Garden Resort Mui Ne. Early morning are the best part of the day for me. Quiet and serene. The beaches are not crowed and the air in Mui Ne is clean. // Photo by Grant Angus.
nguyen thien thuat hcmc
Ho Chi Minh City is the most dynamic and bustling city in Vietnam, with new buildings emerging from the ground constantly. The megalopolis’ new state of mind, symbolized by the construction of ultra-modern urban areas, the multiplication of massive shopping malls or the creation of a new subway network, is changing the way of living and shaking up traditions. However, the town still hides ancient values, as the historic Nguyen Thien Thuat apartment complex where I have captured this scene and where many characteristics of the old Saigon are being preserved. The buildings first housed American soldiers, but it was used for local residents after the end of the war. I find that this picture illustrates well the fact that everything is public and happening in the street in Vietnam, where the notion of privacy can be quite different than what I have known in France, where I am from. // Photo by Grant Angus.
lotus silk in mekong
An experienced silk master weaver working on the silk loom. This particular silk is unique and rare as it is from the lotus plant. Every strand of this silk must be extracted by hand by a highly skilled silk maker. People in Vietnam love lotus flowers and uses it mainly for the lotus seeds, lotus flowers, and lotus leaves. The stems are generally thrown away and thus by using them and turning it into silk strands is an extraordinary option to make use of what nature offers. // Photo by Sarah Tang.
rice paddies in mekong
The flooding of the rice paddies help the rice crop flourish and is also an important way to control weeds. This is a picture of a rice farmer beginning his day on his tractor near the Mekong River. Rice is an unofficial symbol of the Vietnamese culture providing career opportunities and a variety of rice related traditional food to the people. // Photo by Sarah Tang.
district 2 hcmc
The photo was taken in Luong Dinh Cua, D2, HCMC. It represents so well Vietnamese roads and way of life in general. This is just a simple motorbike overloaded with 2 kids, and the mom is entering a busy road. The mom does not even pay attention on the traffic on the left, and cars and bus are coming, no one care not even the man who is standing straight on the road like a statue, it’s normal. Everything is going to be fine. I keep the colors on these people to show some kind of happiness and insouciance, there are so much alive. At the back we can see the modern constructions, and the temple that represent so well the transformation of HCMC, it contrast ALSO very well with the family on the motorbike. And finally the beautiful and cloudy sky of the rainy season that add a final touch to the picture. // Photo by PIERRE-OLIVIER MAILLIARD.
hanoi highway
This picture was taken in Hanoi Highway near Estella building, HCMC, This picture has been taken on the motorbike, I was a passenger of a grab taxi and this is a great luck that I was able to take a spectacular shot like this.
Time is before the sunset, massive and yellow light blind all the people who ride in this direction while there is also a heavy rain. The intensity of the light is like attracting people to go this way. The light is powerful, the rain is heavy but we can see that the life is going on normally, with motorbikes and cars and even people continue to sell food on the side. // Photo by PIERRE-OLIVIER MAILLIARD.
district 10
I always loved getting lost through the alleys and old neighbourhoods in Saigon. See how people have breakfast, enjoy morning activities, doing excercise or going markets and pagodas. This snap was captured in Ngô Gia Tự old apartments in District 10. It was great to capture a local person through old buildings. // Photo by Jose Pablo Tur Perez.
lottery ticket in hcmc
I couldn’t have ever imagined how friendly and welcoming is Vietnamese people, at the time of greeting them at markets or alleys, or even when you need to ask them for help and you cannot communicate in the same language. Lost in one alley I found this great and friendly man selling magazines and lottery tickets. // Photo by Jose Pablo Tur Perez.
saigon apartment
You have not seen Saigon until you have got lost in their old and local streets and apartments. Visiting local markets give you the best experience of the culture and local people. This friendly man was welcoming me and my friends walking by the old apartments in chợ Nguyễn Hữu Hào, District 4. // Photo by Jose Pablo Tur Perez.
newspaper in hcmc
This photo was taken in District 1 of Ho Chi Minh City during my street photography hangout with my friends. Seeing a newspaper seller makes me think of how many are still out there that rely on printed news when most of the world gets their updates from the internet. How effective is it to still publish articles and advertisements in newspapers when the world is long digitalized? And also, how is it possible for newspaper sellers to make a living out of this in a city that is so expensive? // Photo by Rina Nguyen.
motorbike hcmc
This photo was taken in 2019, pre-covid, at Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartments in District 3, Saigon. Built in the 1970s, the sprawling residential complex is accompanied by an inventory of motorbikes. Having lived there for 4 years myself, I had been so used to hearing hundreds of these daily, that I almost forget who looks after them when nobody’s riding. // Photo by Sivaraj Pragasm.
nguyen thien thuat apartment
This photo was taken in 2019, pre-covid, at Nguyen Thien Thuat Apartments in District 3, Saigon.
His feet run on piano keys, composing his morning melody as he dances through his daily routine. // Photo by Sivaraj Pragasm.
street in hcmc
Waiting // Photo by Lucas Lee.
drink beer in saigon
The last supper. 1$ liters of fresh beer, grilled chicken kidneys with garlic, a sketchy urinal in the back and a room full of characters. Drinking beer in Saigon. // Photo by Joel Zorrilla.
Monsoon storm over Saigon. All my submissions were taking on an old-school film camera. I always thought a brought yet charming-as-hell city like Saigon just looks better in 35mm with a bit of grain. // Photo by Joel Zorrilla.
landmark 81
Soaring high, above the ground,
Tall monuments are to be found.
Above the heads of city folk,
Above the dust and incense smoke. 
The highest tower across the lands, 
From forests, jungles and coastal sands.
A celebration of national pride,
A masterpiece known nationwide.
Its flag is raised, shining bright,
But can’t be seen in broad daylight.
Once evening comes, the lights turn on,
You guessed it right – Landmark 81. // Photo by Luke Neville
airplane street in hcmc
The Runners-UpSai-gone. 
Blink, and you’ll miss it. The hustle, the bustle, the endless motion. A city which never sleeps, full off opportunity and dreams. A resilient city, of migrants, locals and expatriates –  all doing what they can to earn their keep. I’ve never known a city quite like it. One where you’re never too far from a roadside cart of fresh, juicy noodles. One where you cross rivers of motorcycles. Or a place where you’ll always hear the city humming its chorus of hard work and accomplishment. The pace of change here is unmatched. Buildings are torn down and skyscrapers creep up. Blink, and you’ll miss it. // Photo by Luke Neville.
The Runners-UpAs photographer, resident in Cambodia since 15 years I used to travel a lot to Vietnam also capturing a maximum of the old colonial and modernist architecture in the country too. I love the mix in Southeast Asia of those different architectures were you can have as “neighbors” buildings made with 100 years’ difference. So mainly walking through the streets and some alley of Ho Chi Minh City and other towns, I like to discover new places for get another kind of view of the cities. I particular love that shot who really shows important things from the past and modern building the Bitexco tower.
This one was taken at 47 – 57, Nguyen Thai Binh, Ho Chi Minh City. Photo by Jean-Francois Perigois.
morning in mui ne
Early morning in Mui Ne
Early morning in Muiné, few time after the sunrise around “Lang Chai Hon Rom”, you can see numerous boats hundred meter from the beach and human activity who start for sorting fish in different baskets who will goes then to the local market. With a beautiful blue sky and sun the mix with colorful clothes of women give a perfect contrast with the elements. I spent all the time needed for picture a lot of this back and forth from big boats to basket boats then to the sorting fish place. You can see that scene in lot of ports of the country also, but once again that morning I get the perfect light on this daily life. // Photo by Jean-Francois Perigois.
tien giang mekong
Peace amongst the noise. I took this in Tien Giang by the side of the Mekong (such an important hub for Vietnam). I used a long 6 minute and 32 seconds exposure to remove the few people who happened to walk by on their way to their accommodation. Vietnam is often known for the noise and busy traffic, I wanted to show that even in such a fast-paced country, peace and quiet is still very possible, and beautiful. // Photo by Jeremy Canuto.
tan phu hcmc
Taking a walk around Tan Phu, HCMC. Although sunsets are always some of the most overused photos, rarely are they taken against the outlying districts. I took this from my home in Tan Phu as it shows that the beauty and intrigue of Vietnam, is not only found on the streets or in the fields. The outline of a woman walking across the district shows that wherever you are in Vietnam, there is beauty. Usually cityscapes are taken of D1 but I wanted to highlight a district I have a strong love for. Tan Phu offers something that cannot be found in less Vietnamese districts and yet it still inspires you to look beyond the city, and I to a magical sunset. // Photo by Jeremy Canuto.
hot vit lon
Quintessentially Vietnamese
Hot Vit Lon, a popular Vietnamese delicacy, is savored by young and old across the country and in neighboring ASEAN. It is a common street food that is affordable, nutritional and omnipresent. You either love it or hate it. Those who love it praise its aphrodisiac value. Those who hate it debase it religiously.
In Vietnam, the young enjoys a nutritional meal of a warm soup and chunky bits wrapped in a tender shell. The expecting mother consumes large quantities to feed the developing child. The tired men feed their libidos to fuel their sexual desires. Whatever the season, there is always a reason. // Photo by Wai Man Soo.
lottery ticket in hcmc
First Prize WinnerThis photo has been taken at Binh Than – Nguyen Van Troi Market. – HCMC
These lottery ticket vendors are part of the Vietnamese cityscape. On a bike, on a street corner, sitting on the sidewalk. Those are often elderly people, the face, the hands marked by time …. we rarely. We rarely raise our heads to watch who they are, we just focus on these tickets and their numbers …. is the winning ticket there? This ticket vendor was blind and was just seating on the steps on the edge of Nguyen Van Troi Market, smoking his cigarette with the tickets in his hands. // Photo by
man in saigon
I took this photo in the early hours in Saigon on the way to a morning market. He was a jolly man and was working around the markets. He instantly caught my attention with his friendliness and great sense of humour. I think his eyes capture his happiness and his hard working life and I think life for many people in Vietnam is hard work but I also sense that they are very happy people. // Photo by Elaine Flavin.
lady in saigon
I took this photo at sunrise in Saigon at a local market. A true smile is seen when there is a sparkle in the person’s eyes and that is certainly seen in this photo. This was taken during covid times. The mask for me reminds me of how tough life was in Vietnam for many people but still this lady managed to go about her day with a smile on her face no matter what struggles she was facing. // Photo by Elaine Flavin.
street vendor in mekong
Take a stroll through the bustling streets of Mekong Delta and soak up the colorful sights of the street vendors in a night market. // Photo by Japeat Kys.
house view in mekong
Take in the serene views of a typical Mekong house, where you can embrace the peacefulness and simplicity of this charming way of life. // Photo by Japeat Kys.
phu quoc afternoon
This photo was taken at our Phu Quoc first vacation together, at Sunset beach. My girlfriend at this time , now my beautiful wife for already 4 fantastic years , showed me the beauty of this country which I love almost as much as my wife. What you need more than a view like this with your dinner and the most important person of your life together. This photo represents to me the beauty and calmness of Vietnam, the nature is just very nice and many times still untouched. The friendliness of the people makes it even more enjoyable to go around. // Photo by Christian Urban.
vung tau
The life of a fisherman is hard work. This was taken on this Back beach (Bai Sau) in the coastal city of Vung Tau. This image has the title: Anchored in Paradise. They have just returned to the shore from an all-night fishing trip to deliver their catch, and have some lunch and well-deserved rest and shelter from the sun. Artist’s Description: From the far-reaching deep ocean blues on the horizon into the rich neon turquoise blues in the shallows, then down through the white waves into autumnal light yellows and browns. It’s a sight to behold in anyone’s eyes. It’s the idyllic scene and one I like to call, eye-candy beach art. // Photo by Gerard McKinnell
vung tau
This is a typical scene you will find all over Vietnam. For me, this reflects beach life. This image was taken on Back beach (Bai Sau) in the coastal city of Vung Tau. You can just imagine yourself sitting with a good friend and a bucket of beers in iced water while sheltering from the midday sun. Artist’s Description: An idyllic scene for sure, it’s where you wish to be with the outstanding deep rich blue sky and a mouth-watering candy-coated umbrella good enough to eat. It’s an eye-candy image that will transport you to a better place or make you wish to visit Vung Tau City. // Photo by Gerard McKinnell.
vung ro bay vung tau
I’m inspired by people who are living simple life in balance with the nature even at this day and age. Those are the most happiest people. And I met many in Vietnam. This place – amazing Vung Ro bay – is not an exception. // Photo by Igor Imranshoev.
vung tau beach
Colorful Beach Life in Vung Tau! The different colour of the swimming aid make the shot outstanding! // Photo by Friedhelm Maur.
floating market in can tho
To get a real sight of traditional floating markets in the Mekong’s delta, one needs to get out of bed early and be on the spot before the first rays of sunlight arise. I had the chance to capture this moment from the top of a bridge at Phong Điền market, along Cần Thơ river. I went there several days in a row, as I was always diasppointed of my shots. Until this magical instant happened: the light, the subject, the angle. I had witnessed a true and beautiful glimpse of life in Vietnam. I could happily go back to sleep. // Photo by Florian Commans.
thu thiem 2 bridge
New vibe generation feeling with some brand new architecture in Saigon. Photos taken at the new bridge Thu Thiem 2. // Photo by Christophe Bachelerie.
Old and new building in the booming country. Photo taken in District 1 // Photo by Christophe Bachelerie.
thao dien hcmc
This reflect well the active life in Saigon at night time. Photo taken in Thao Dien // Photo by Christophe Bachelerie.

Vietnam Is Truly Awesome!

Vietnam is a country full with delights, from its various landscapes and rich culture to its dynamic cities and delectable food. This is obvious from the gorgeous collection of photographs above that reflect Vietnam’s beauty and individuality. Whether it’s the colorful marketplaces, local’s life, or breathtaking natural landscape, these photographs absolutely capture the enchantment and attraction of this magnificent country.

We hope that this collection helped us prove with the rest of the world ‘VIETNAM IS AWESOME‘ and to inspire people to discover and explore Vietnam.

Excited to start your adventure here? Here are some top hand-picked experiences just for you!

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