Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes

Can’t head out to exercise? These gyms are bringing their workouts to your living room so you have no excuse not to get moving.

Summer is here and though we’re still locked down, that’s no excuse to not exercise! Instead, try working out from home, where all you have to do is lift your booty off the couch and get your body moving (especially if you’ve spent the last couple of months hitting the snooze button, binge-watching Netflix and devouring frozen pizzas). If you need some guidance, here are 10 local gyms in Vietnam that now offer livestream workouts and online exercise videos (free trial too!) so you can get sweating in the comfort (amen to air conditioning), and safety, of your own home. Plus, you won’t need to fight for the gym shower once you’re done.

So get ready to sweat (and slow down with some yoga and mindfulness practices) with our list of the best online fitness classes happening right now. Best part? You don’t even need to be a member.

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f45 - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Photo by F45 Training.

If you’re after a good cardio kick, HIIT might just be what you’re looking for. Think long bursts of high-intensity exercises followed by short bursts of rests in between promised to get you sweating while you work on your core.

Though F45, the global group fitness brand (present in more than 45 countries) arrived in Saigon less than a year ago, it has already gotten the attention of the fitness community in Saigon and for good reason. F45’s proven 45-minute high-intensity, functional interval training burns up to 1,000 calories and rotates on a daily basis targeting different parts of the body – upper, lower and core. And while the fluctuating fortunes of the pandemic have forced F45 to close its doors, sedentary Saigonese can still get their hit of the global fitness phenomenon every weekend on Google Meet.

Those looking to push themselves a little further can even enrol in the ‘F45 challenge’, a nutrition and training program designed to help members achieve their fitness goals. Available only for members on the F45 mobile app.

Free 1-hour HIIT class video workouts on every Saturday from 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM.

45-minute class on Sunday with 100K/pax.

F45 challenge app 100K/week.

Check out the full schedule here

Cross Fit Thao Dien

crossfit thao dien group hero - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Members of Crossfit Thao Dien.

A household name amongst Saigon expats, CrossFit Thao Dien is now offering a personalized coaching program to take your stay-home workout to the next level. New to the game? CrossFit is a revolutionary fitness program not designed for the faint-of-heart. Think weights, aerobics and gymnastics all-in-one aimed at improving your stamina, flexibility, coordination and strength.

Virtual classes are offered every other day (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday) while Thursdays are reserved for ‘Animal Flow’ i.e. an intense Bootcamp-style group training session. Those looking to combine their workout with nutrition support, rehab or physiotherapy can also shoot the good guys at CrossFit Thao Dien a message.

Regular classes Wednesday and Saturday morning 9:00 AM and Monday evening 6:15 PM. Animal Flow on Thursday evening. Check out the full schedule here.

Free online drop-in. Membership pricing starts from 1.3m/month


Photos Hustle 4853 1 scaled 1 - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Photo by Hustle.

Located in the heart of Thao Dien, Hustle offers group training classes designed to get your heart rate pumping while keeping you motivated during the day – perfect timing we reckon!

Each 45-minute sweat sesh is a circuit-style workout that gets you moving from one exercise to another seamlessly using just your body weight (weights and other equipment are optional). Offered four times a week, Hustle’s free online classes led by its team of experienced trainers run the gamut from flexibility and mobility to high-intensity circuit and burn sessions that target specific areas of the body. Suitable for all ages, body types and skill levels (no experience necessary) – everyone is welcome to the Hustle party.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 6:30 AM to 8:15 AM. Saturday from 5:30 PM to 6:15 PM.

Check out the full schedule here

Saigon Online Fitness Community

If you’re not a morning person like us, Saigon Online Fitness Community’s got you. This pandemic-born fitness community offers free online workout classes promised to get your heart pumping and blood flowing after hours on weekdays. The group has even partnered up with Hustle and Ruka Yoga to offer an array of different options of online exercise, from Yoga to hard-core HIIT burn workouts that will get the blood flowing after being desk-bound (or couch-bound, we don’t judge) for the whole day. We like the idea of that!

No equipment required. Check out the full schedule here


BOUT Fitness

Bout Boxing - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
BOUT boxing session // Photo by BOUT Fitness.

Lacking the motivation to stay fit? This boxing studio offers free 40-minute beat-driven online workouts to help you stay active throughout this lockdown.

Classes include a range of exercises from cardio-boxing movements (jab, hook, cross) to crunches, squats and burpees. Think fun and quick cardio-HIIT sessions choreographed to the head bangin’ tunes of ASAP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar (PS there are even themed Nicki Minaj, BTS and Hip Hop classes). No gym equipment is required and all you need is a simple yoga mat and a towel to wipe off the sweat – and possibly tears – from the killer burn workout. 

Daily free classes are running both on weekdays (Mon – Fri 5:30 PM) and weekends (Sat-Sun 11:00 AM).
Check out the full schedule here

KBF Boxing

1662439075721 Untitled20design - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
KBF Boxing Studio // Photo by KBF Boxing.

For the ultimate fitness junkie looking for an intense workout, be sure to check out KBF Boxing, the home to experienced boxers and fitness enthusiasts alike. Now, while gyms remain closed, KBF Boxing is bringing its signature 45-minute session that combines a mix of traditional boxing moves and high-intensity exercises online. Each session focuses on a different part of the body and burns up to 500 calories (that’s a bowl of pho out the window!). For now, KBF Boxing is also hosting its #KBFStayActiveAtHome fitness challenge, which keeps fitness junkies accountable and moving daily.

KBF - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
People warming up before training at KBF Boxing // Photo by KBF Boxing.

Monday to Friday 6:30 AM and 6:00 PM. Free community classes every Saturday at 9:00 AM.

100K/class or 500k/week

Check out the full schedule here


Pilates Saigon

Pilatesaigon - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Photo by Pilatesaigon.

Long hours of sitting in front of your desk at home have probably got your muscles all tense and stiff. Pilates lessons are great for stretching out your body while toning lean muscles – and local studio Pilates Saigon is now offering online classes that you can partake in the comforts of your own home. Expect slow and precise movements and techniques that focus on breathing, toning and aligning your posture. Perfect for all ages and genders too.

Introductory offer (10 online classes) for 1.2M. Check out the full schedule here


Yoga Pod Saigon

20170904 102749 EFFECTS - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Yoga Pod Saigon frontyard // Photo by Yoga Pod Saigon.

Designed for mindfulness, Yoga Pod has been the talk of the town since its opening and is known as one of the best go-to yoga hubs in town among other names like Alyona and Morry. Yoga Pod Saigon starts their practice with an intention and opens the class with good energy. True to its ethos of being a purpose-built studio that offers yoga for all, Yoga Pod’s classes are perfect for anyone looking to find their zen, find balance in a Yin Yang class or flow it out on the mat with an energizing Vinyasa practice.

Now, while fitness studios remain closed, Yoga Pod is bringing you its online yoga sessions via Zoom (check out a free preview of what you can expect on Yoga Pod’s Instagram). You won’t get the same tranquil ambiance, but the experience is just as calming and relaxing.

Yoga2520Pod2520Saigon af51c20f 4b4d 44ec bdbc 23 - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Yoga Pod Saigon.

Classes include Yang and Yin, Yoga Therapy, Hatha Flow and Vinyasa every morning.

Prices start from 400K/5 passes. Check out the full schedule here

Ruka Yoga

293321463 444146971054218 5115300613135515049 n - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Ruka Yoga in Ho Chi Minh city.

Feel like you’re downward dogging on the wrong side of the room? If yes, check out Ruka Yoga.

An urban oasis where you can escape the hustle and bustle of inner-city life, Ruka Yoga will have you waking up motivated and going to sleep inspired all without having to leave the city. From Hatha Flow, Intermediate Flow, Full Body Strech to Handstand Conditioning, you will learn how to master that inversion pose while alleviating tension in the body through a sequence from head to toes, which is sorely needed right now. 

The yoga studio offers a range of yoga classes from mornings to evenings so dust off those Lululemon tights because exercising during lunk break just got easier.

Tuesday to Sunday. 60-minute sessions from 8:45 AM to 6:30 PM. Maximum 6pax/class . Pre-registration preferred!

Check out the full schedule here


Thao Dien Eco Wellness

333817220 690305926175142 8748005550385169867 n - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Photo by Thao Dien Eco Wellness.

We love brands that make our lives easier, especially when they impact our physical and mental well-being. Thao Dien Eco Wellness does exactly this and is home to just about everything that’s good for you from yoga and meditation to Qigong and Neurokinetic therapy. For now, Thao Dien Eco Wellness is even hosting a ‘Together, Breathe and Love’ initiative that allows you to indulge in three free classes to experience the array of wellness-focused classes. So if you’ve always been keen to try Qigong breathing or Pranayama, now’s your chance to do so.

Daily from 7:00 AM to 7:30 PM. Check out the full schedule here

Mandala Wellness

AndreaBertoiaRestorativeessentialoils - Get Moving With These 10 Gyms in Ho Chi Minh City Offering Online Classes
Mandala Wellness class in Ho Chi Minh city.

If there’s one thing this extended lockdown has taught us, it’s that prioritising your mental health is paramount to staying sane, healthy and happy. Enlightening and empowering Saigon residents on their journey to lead a more zen and mindful life is Mandala Wellness, a comprehensive all-in-one purpose-built hub that aims to provide opportunities for people to take control of their busy lives through a slew of wellness-focused classes (yoga, meditation, tai chi, qigong, reiki) and holistic health services (osteopathy, acupuncture, nutrition etc.).

Tuesday to Friday, 45-minute classes from 7:15 AM to 11:15 AM.

Check out the full schedule here

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