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Last Updated: March 13, 2024

Booking a flight to Vietnam from France is a dream for many French citizens; after all, the Southeast Asian gem’s culture and way of life has been subtly influenced by the French in many different ways. Given the distance between Europe and Asia, though, the journey can seem daunting, especially for those who haven’t traveled as far before. Fortunately, there are excellent flight options available from France to Vietnam, and this guide is designed to assist you through each stage of the process.

Choosing Your Airline

The best airline for flights to Vietnam from France is Air France. They offer fantastic service and direct routes from Paris to Vietnam. They’re also well-known for their comfortable seating and the luxury experience they provide to guests.

That being said, you should not hesitate to try out a foreign-owned airline. They are generally a bit cheaper, and they provide great service as well. The crews are made up entirely of fluent English speakers, and there may be more flight options available. The table below includes several of our top picks for foreign airlines that provide service from France to Vietnam, complete with 3-point rating scales for the price and level of service for each.

AirlineService RatingPricing RatingNotable Features
Vietnam Airlines***$$Direct flights to major Vietnamese cities, Vietnamese hospitality
Qatar Airways***$$Extensive network via Doha, luxury amenities, top-notch service
Emirates***$$World-class service, entertainment options, Dubai layover
Singapore Airlines***$High-quality service, Singapore layover, modern fleet
Cathay Pacific**$$Great service, Hong Kong layover, reliable operations
Korean Air**$$Excellent service, Seoul layover, good in-flight
Flight to Vietnam from France
Emirates Airplane is at airport. Photo by Alireza Akhlaghi

Flight Aggregators

For those seeking the best deals on flights to Vietnam, using flight aggregators can be highly beneficial. These websites search across numerous airlines to find the lowest fares for your travel dates. Popular platforms for flights from France include:

France to Vietnam Flight Time and Distance

Direct flights from France to Vietnam generally take about 11 to 13 hours, depending on the specific departure and arrival cities. Add 3-5 hours if there is a layover on the route.

The table below details flight times and distance in km from several major international airports in france to Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. “N/A” indicates that flights from that city with the amount of layovers shown in the column are not currently available.

French CityDirect Flight Time to HanoiFlight Time with 1 Layover to HanoiDistance to Hanoi (Approx. km)
Paris 11h20mN/A9,200
Nice N/A13h – 16h+9,400
Lyon N/A13h – 16h+9,000
Toulouse N/A13h – 17h+9,100

If the flight is going to Ho Chi Minh City rather than Hanoi, add about 2 hours to the flight time shown in the table.

Additional Resources

To further prepare for your trip, you might find the following resources from VIA helpful:

Vietnam Visa Guide

Destination Guides to Vietnam

Yes. Direct flights from Paris to Vietnam typically last between 11 to 13 hours.

Round-trip flight tickets from Paris, France to Vietnam can be as cheap as 600 euros if you book well in advance and travel during the off-peak season. They can obviously be much more expensive if you book on luxury airlines, though, averaging about 1000 euros for economy class on Air France.

The summer months of June through August often have the cheapest flight tickets available, as they make up Vietnam’s hot and rainy season.

Major Vietnamese airports such as Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi) and Tan Son Nhat International Airport (Ho Chi Minh City) are directly accessible from France.

This guide aims to simplify the planning process for your journey from France to Vietnam, highlighting key airline options, flight durations, and additional resources to ensure a seamless and enjoyable travel experience to one of Southeast Asia’s most enchanting countries.

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