Guide to After-School Activities in Ho Chi Minh City

Why are after-school activities important?

After-school activities, also known as extracurricular activities, in addition to normal school, can help to develop a child’s overall personality and maximise their potential!

After spending a long day in an academically rigorous environment, students might need something else to enrich themselves with that is outside the classroom or school community. This gives the students some variety in their schedules and the opportunity to pursue other interests. Such activities can also fuel kids’ creativity, discover their hidden talents, and allow them to interact with new friends. Clearly, extracurricular activities can also give parents a much-needed break!

Of course ‘after-school’ activities are usually organised around 15:00- 16:00 when school has ended for the day, however, some other extracurricular activities might take place before school or during lunch break.

After-school activities and kid-friendly destinations for young kids in Saigon

In Ho Chi Minh City, there are plenty of extracurricular activities and kid-friendly destinations in the community available for young kids to join, play and enjoy:

1. The Snap Cafe

An outdoor playground in a cafe where parents can chill while the kids play.

An area of The Snap Cafe
An area of The Snap Cafe @ The Snap Cafe Facebook

2. Vietopia

An indoor family entertainment centre featuring a miniature city with hands-on, educational activities.

An activity at Vietopia
An activity at Vietopia @ Vietopia Fanpage

3. Snapology

At Snapology, children are meant to learn through play with lego and robotics models. When children are engaged in interactive, hands-on learning activities, their creativity flourishes. 

Happy girl at Snapology
Happy girl at Snapology @ Snapology Website

4. Kids Club Saigon

A high-quality, joyful and kid-focused nursery and kindergarten programs that also offers after school programmes in Ho Chi Minh City.

Family workshop at Kids Club Saigon
Family workshop at Kids Club Saigon @ Kids Club Saigon Website

Sports and Games

For the kids that have energy to spare, why not enrolling them in sports?

1. Saigon Sports Academy

Great for students who want to enhance their basketball and football skills. SSA’s mission is to bring an international standard of sports coaching and training to the Ho Chi Minh City community.

kids play sport at SSA - Guide to After-School Activities in Ho Chi Minh City
Children plays sport at SSA @ SSA Fanpage

2. Vertical Academy

Join one of the most prestigious social clubs in Ho Chi Minh City that offers Saigon’s first indoor rock climbing wall. Good for students, adults, and even professionals alike!

The facility inside of Vertical Academy
The facility inside of Vertical Academy @ Vertical Academy Website

3. Fox Football Vietnam

A community-based local football club that aims to deliver an international standard of coaching by using qualified international staff and coaches.

Kids play soccer
Kids play soccer @ Fox Football Vietnam Website

4. Saigon Sports Club

Saigon Sports Club is the largest mixed martial arts and cross-training center, where your little ones can learn self-defence alongside discipline and respect for others.

Kids program at Saigon Sports Club
Kids program at Saigon Sports Club @ Saigon Sports Club Fanpage

Art, Music and More!

Keen for your child to explore their artistic side? Check out the list of places below:

1. Chemistory

Using a wide range of ‘play and learn’ methods for all ages, Chemistory offers a wide range of classes including cooking and baking.

Science& Experiment Class at Chemistory
Science& Experiment Class at Chemistory @ Chemistory Website

2. Performing Arts Academy of Ho Chi Minh City

Their mission is to educate and encourage aspiring and capable children to achieve their goals and dreams in all areas of the performing arts.

Kids playing instruments at PAA
Kids playing instruments at PAA @ PAA Fanpage

3. Kindermusik

Using the power and joy of music-making, they help children learn and grow during the years most critical to brain development. 

Storytime at Kindermusik classes
Storytime at Kindermusik classes @ Kindermusik Fanpage

4. Muse Inc

Talented local DJ artists interacts with students and provides DJ training to kids and adults.

Music class at Muse In
Music class at Muse Inc @ Muse Inc Fanpage

5. Saigon Dance School

Saigon Dance employs competent and passionate teachers who teach students modern dance – no wonder it is as one of the leading dance schools in Ho Chi Minh City!

Kids dancing class
Kids dancing class @ Saigon Dance School Fanpage

6. Spin & Gogh

The ‘do it yourself’ pottery and art studio offers classes for kids to get their hands dirty and enhance their artistic skills.

Pottery for kids
Pottery for kids @ Spin & Gogh Fanpage

7. Global Art

Global Art has different programmes ranging from visual arts to comics to clay sculpting – there is something for every student to explore.

Painting class at Global Art
Painting class at Global Art @ Global Art Fanpage

Every child should be encouraged to pursue their interest! From sports to cooking, art to robotics, we hope this list helps you to find something fun for your child to do outside of school. Check out our list of resources to help navigate life in Ho Chi Minh City.

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