Will culture , tradition and customs waste our time ?

13 Feb 2019 in Culture

Tet is considered to be the most important event for not only Vietnamese people but also others from different countries in Asia. Don’t you curious about how local people enjoy this interesting time of year ? Let’s explore some incredible things that I’ve mentioned below. 

The first thing people will do in the early morning of the last day is that they will go to supermarkets and buy some aliment for worship . Then , flower market seems to be a next destination for citizens to decorate their houses . Typical flowers for Tet holiday are believed to be “hoa mai “ in southern and “hoa dao “ in northern of Vietnam. You will probably be put in festive mood by watching everyone rushing. 

Next , all member in family will together prepare for worshipping in the evening. A huge traditional new year meals include: cha lua , banh chung, different kinds of soups, sticky rice especially in red color, etc... But for me , I would consider the plate of five fruits as one of the most crucial factors. This plate sits on ancestor’s altar , which is colorful and meaningful, in order to make new year more lively and sacred . It traditionally contains five to eight types of fruits: a bunch of bananas, a pomelo , apples , oranges,lemons, tangerines or persimmons. In fact , people will choose the best looking fruits and arrange them in a pyramid. In Asian mythology , the world is made of five basic elements: metal , wood, water, fire and earth. The plate of five fruits is one of several ways to represent this concept .

Then , we will make offerings to our ancestor by “a huge traditional meals “ . This act is considered as inviting them to come back and celebrate with us . The other means of this action is that we will pray for fortune in the next year . After that , we will gather together , enjoy the dishes , watch “ Tao Quan “ and wait for fireworks in midnight . 

New Year’s Eve is the most sacred time of the year so the first houseguest to offer the greeting is very essential. Since the Vietnamese people believe that the first visitors a family receives in the year determines their fortune for the entire year . People would never enter any house on the first day without being invited. The act of being first person to enter a house is called “ xong dat “ or “ xong nha “ . A person with good temper , morality and success will be invited into the house . However, to prevent anyone entering the house first who might brings any umfortune events to the household , the owner of the house will leave for a few minutes before midnights and return home just as the clock strikes midnight.

Maybe , visiting pagodas and temples is one of the most wonderful moments for those to spend time on their spiritual life and pay respect to the religious institutions. For Vietnamese people , it has long been deep rooted traditions. It is called “ Le Chua “ which is not only visit but also show respects in all sincerity to Buddha and Gods of the temples and pagodas . They wish for all the best in the aroma of burning incense and flowers which helps demolish all the stress and worries of the previous year. 

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