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17 May 2019 in VIA

I used to often find myself just going to repair shops/maintenance shops that are within close proximity to me. However, having lived in Vietnam for such a long time and eventually blending myself in as a certified local, I found there are way better options that wont rip me off. These are the ones that have their pricelists open to the public and are more forthright. The visible price can help you determine whether the prices listed are justifiable to the service they provide. I can't highlight how crucial it is for stores to be transparent on their pricing and the quality of the materials they use. Vendors that provide their listing for sure generate way more business compared to those who don't, there's no arguing that.

So take a look at one of our sponsors that is a pro when it comes to motorbike and car detailing services, who not only have worked with world-class brands like Maserati, Lamborghini and BMW & Peugeot, but also have provided services to over 2000 since 2015, with 4 branches all over Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh, Da Lat, Nha Trang & Dong Nai). They are also very transparent with their pricing on their website and price for cleaning starts at only 60k! However, note that their very affordable prices do not compromise quality because despite the average price, they use mostly imported products. Vietnam Car Care has also recently sponsored vouchers for VIA on the Avenger's Endgame: VIA's Ultimate Movie Review Contest" on services such as Ceramic Coating for car valued at 2,900,000đ for each, and VIP bike wash valued at 150,000đ where they promise to use only specialized cleaning tools to provide your bike a deep clean and a glistening shine. So this is your chance to give your ride the overdue care it needs, especially during this Sahara-desert kind of heat in the city.

VIA will have more of Vietnam Car Care vouchers for you soon so stay awake for the next round!

For more information on the services and price, visit Vietnam Car Care's website:

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