VIA & CGV are in partnership

2 May 2019 in VIA

The film industry is increasingly improving which helps bring unique experiences and new knowledge to meet the overgrowing high entertainment needs of people. This industry not only entertains its consumers but also assists in spreading the customs, habits and understandings regarding a particular country's culture.

Parallel to that, Vietnam is Awesome also creates the best conditions for not only Vietnamese but also foreigners to share information about this country for others to learn and grasp through the use of various stories, reviews & pictures of ranging categories and topics.Therefore, on 24 April 2019, Vietnam is Awesome and CJ CGV - the largest multiplex cinema chain in Korea, the branch in Vietnam has officially cooperated to build voucher packages for VIA's members.

CGV is very interested in hearing the interesting, real life events that happen to the locals and expats in Vietnam. Now is everybody's chance to share their fascinating stories about the people, natural sceneries, fun happenings or even their reviews on the particular food and drinks they had.. No limits! You can share all your thoughts, for as long as they are within the vicinity of Vietnam.

Accordingly, the two parties have cooperated to donate a voucher package with a total value of nearly 40,000,000VND corresponding to 300 vouchers for members who achieve the required score after posting stories on VIA's website. Thus, that member will have a movie voucher with the price of 125,000 VND, applied at CGV cinemas nationwide on all days, including holidays. In addition to this, following the booming event of Avengers: Endgame movie, VIA is also introducing a contest called: "Avenger's Endgame: VIA's Ultimate Movie Review Contest." and is giving away many of the attractive vouchers for the winners.

This partnership will seek to provide regular programs to bring the best benefits for VIA's members. Along with that, through the positive incentives that CGV gives, this will hopefully motivate VIA's users to share stories and so together, we can bring a better world recognition and introduce the unexplored aspects about Vietnam to the far-away nations.

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