Dong Nai Province is HUGE, and it’s just outside HCMC. I have spent around 3 years dipping in and out of Dong Nai. One of my favourite places to go for a day trip is Scorpion Lake, otherwise known to the locals as  Khu du lịch Sinh Thái Bò Cạp Vàng. If you like getting out of the city for a day this is a must-do. The company that runs it has turned a little section of the river into a clean and safe swimming pool, and it’s natural! Located far away from the pollution and smog of the city, it has the feeling of being in a jungle resort. There is food, beer and hammocks all at your disposal. They even have huge inflatable toys in the water, like Ninja Warrior style obstacle courses, to jump off, climb and complete. I have one word of warning, don’t go during a public holiday unless you like listening to 50 different karaoke parties all at once, including thousands of 10 tiger deep locals singing their heart out. It truly is a spectacle to behold. And if you can’t swim, don’t worry, everyone has to wear a life jacket. 

To get there, you must cross the river using the Cat Lai ferry. That in itself is an experience. I often can’t help but imagine that I am a little cow in a large herd being taken to market by cow herders. It’s a little wild sometimes. You will know what I mean.

Leaving HCMC behind.
Taking the scenic route.
The rivers that intertwine the jungle offer double views.
Which way is up?
My team. 
No fear! 
Time for tea.